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The Bottom 4


The BOTTOM 4 (Green, Yellow, Black, Gray) are all types of clairvoyance (universe/Nature-to-experiencer or entity-to-experiencer communication). Greens and Yellows are very social, extroverted, and Black and Grays are less so, because they are introverted. This means that Greens and Yellows are both people-oriented and Nature-oriented, while Blacks are too, but are more focused on the sick, dying, or deceased than the living, and Grays are mainly Nature-oriented. Greens and Yellows only have one direction to their experiences (input), while Grays have two directions (input and output) and Blacks technically have three directions (interaction [input] and simulation [input/output]. The Greens, Yellows, and Grays only get information from the universe, not directly from people. Information can be about people, but it’s “about” them, not “from” them. Some Yellows may get information meditated through the universe from “spirit guides,” and may get information about deceased people through their spirit guides or the universe if they lean towards Black.

Blacks are a bit more complicated, but the same characteristics apply. They do receive information from a deceased person, but the information is mediated by the universe. This means that a spirit of a deceased person can take over their speech and movements, but the “spirit” doesn’t actually have to be physically there to do it. It’s all mediated through the universe, and controlled by both the experiencer and the spirit. However, only about half of Blacks actually communicate with the dead, while the other half are actually clairvoyant simulators that usually only have postcognitive experiences (can receive information about someone’s or something’s past). Some Blacks may have an interaction [output] direction to their experiences in the form of energizing spirits (physical mediumship, which results in increased spirit activity), or psychopompic activity (helping the spirits of the dead cross over into the afterlife).

Unlike the TOP 4, the BOTTOM 4 have the characteristics of time (past, present and future), that’s the 4th dimension part, time.

profilingmodelThe more one leans towards the left, the more present-based their experiences will be. The more they lean towards the center, the more future-based their experiences will be. And, the more they lean towards the right, the more past-based their experiences will be.

The BOTTOM 4 also seem to reach beyond the 4th dimension to dimensions not yet entirely known or understood by us. The more you lean towards the left, the more likely you will communicate with entities or Nature. However, the more you lean towards the right, the more likely you will communicate with spirits of the dead or Nature.

Now for PK. The BOTTOM 4 do well with both direct healing and distance healing. Greens work with bio-energy, so only with living things. In rare cases they can influence the weather. Yellows work with electrical and electrostatic energy, Blacks with invisible infrared energy, and Grays work with a little bit of every kind of energy.


So there you have it. Now you know which areas you need to tweak or focus on the most in the next chapter to start enhancing your psychic experiences. You also now know what to expect so you won’t be disappointed.

What are your limiting factors?

Which limiting factors can you work on?

What’s your potential if you do or don’t work on them?

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