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Type 2’s:output

You mainly experience clairvoyant simulation output that mainly involves historical shifting. However, you do have future and real-time shifting experiences, but to a lesser extent.

pastgAlso to a lesser extent, you experience clairvoyant simulation input with postcognition being the most common, and precognition and contemporaneous ESP being less common.

directiveYou mainly have directive experiences with adaptive experiences being less common. You are only nature-orientated, which means that you are focused on ideas and concepts and not people or events involving people. You work best alone and at a distance (example: distance healing), rather than direct (example: healing through touch or being physically close to someone).

You are an experiencer of auto-PK and mainly experience energy emission (kinetic or potential), which means sending energy outwards into your environment or onto other people. Also, you mainly experience healing others, regulating the temperature in your environment, or energizing people or things, which are all micro-PK.

dangerhandYou may also have these effects on yourself by emitting energy back onto yourself (self-healing, self-temperature regulation, and self-energization). OR, you may experience levitation, which is a form of macro-PK, but this is very rare. You are more likely to move and direct objects though kinetic and potential energy influence then Type 1.

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