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Gray/Yellows are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

grayyellowhalluHave precognitive experiences and déjà vu’s. Notice that their psychic communications and effects are synthetic (remember, Type Grays often cannot tell the difference between receiving an idea psychically and coming up with the idea on their own).

Retain minor hallucinatory effects in adulthood (where instead of whole images you may still see small images like arrows showing you the way, colors to distinguish good and bad, safe and dangerous, stay or go, or the highlighting things you read that are important or relevant to your search for information).

guideCommunicate with spirit guides rather than just the universe, which can be thought of as ambassadors to the universe, and can be more specific and efficient in explaining ideas and concepts and assisting in organizing shifting events.

Be a mental medium, which are experiencers who communicate with the dead; usually communicating with those who have crossed-over into the afterlife.

However, they are experiencers who do not necessarily see or communicate with the dead here on earth. Rather than just experiencing postcognition, which only involves asking the universe questions about the past of a deceased individual, rather than actually communicating with the deceased.

This is especially true for those who score Gray/Yellow/Black. However, you are more likely as Gray/Yellow to communicate with the dead through your spirit guide.

grayyellowliedetectBe an excellent lie detector, because you are able to find out all of the variables rather than just peering into some of the variables. While you may think telepathists would make the best lie detectors, you need to consider that some people don’t even know they are lying when they are lying; either due to confusion or even delusion, but the universe always knows.

people-orientatedBenefit mainly from clairvoyant simulation input, because Type Yellows are all input, no output. Be people-orientated, which means that you are more likely to pick up information on, or shift in regard to, people rather than places, objects and events in general not involving people. This is because Type Yellows are far more extroverted (social and outgoing) than Type Grays.

Be more open to experiences because Type Yellow are more creative, social, and emotionally intelligent (on average). Be quicker to enhance due to Type Yellow motivational skills. Experience all time-based modes (past, present, and future), though less future-based experiences than past or real-time experiences.


This means you have more remote viewing, postcognitive, and real-time and historical shifting experiences. Experience electrical and/or electrostatic energy influence with auto-PK.

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