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“Do I really have to learn to describe my experiences to build psychic skills?”

The last limiting factor you should know about is your vocabulary and descriptive power. The younger you are, the less words you have in your vocabulary to explain and fully understand your psychic experiences.

psychicvocabularyAs you get older and have more schooling, your vocabulary grows and you get better at explaining your experiences to yourself and others.

This is especially true for psychic vocabulary. There are a lot of different terms for different psychic experiences. You learned all about the terms that apply to your type in the first chapter, and a few more along the way.

emotionalvocabularySo, while an adult may have a better general vocabulary than a teenager, if they don’t have much of a psychic or emotional vocabulary, they will be limited in their understanding of their psychic experiences.

Compare an average adult to a teenager with a 9th grade vocabulary, but who has a very rich emotional and psychic vocabulary, and the teenager will have likely reached a fuller understanding and higher psychic potential than the adult.

So, if you are a TEENAGER READING THIS BOOK, you may be in the lead over an adult who has a low vocabulary and low understanding of psychic experiences. However, if you are and ADULT READING THIS BOOK, you’re probably in the lead over the teenager.

descriptivepowerYour descriptive power not only involves your vocabulary though, but also your ability to understand and describe your experiences.

This requires an education in the sciences, especially the behavioral sciences, your ability to develop complex thoughts and ideas, and your life experiences in general.

The less science education you have, the less you will fully be able to understand your psychic experiences.

Imagine and compare the explanation of a 5 year old and 50 year old in explaining a psychic experience.


Now compare the ability of a 5 year old to a 50 year old in organizing their thoughts, developing hypotheses, testing theories, and so forth. Again, HUGE difference.

Don’t worry if you think you may fall short on this, there are a number of different ways to get your brain geared up for creative and critical thinking.

These different ways include, but are not limited to:

  • Journaling your ideas
  • Seeking out different perspectives
  • Taking problems on one step at a time through mind mapping and concept mapping,
  • Engaging regularly in strategy games, and so on.

These things are especially important for Type Grays to do and know how to do, so don’t worry, we’ll be diving more into these things in the next chapter.

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