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Gray/White are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

presentgHave contemporaneous / real-time shifting experiences and input experiences involving information about people. This is because Type Whites are entirely present-based, are telepathists/telepaths (input), and are therefore entirely people-orientated.

mehExcel at starting new projects and building new relationships, but are less likely to finish projects and develop long-term relationships which provide more detailed and useful psychic experiences. Be very slow to enhance because of low motivational skills, lack of focus, and often idealistic and unrealistic expectations.

Because of your lack of focus you will have more useless spontaneous experiences than other type combinations. Forming real expectations, building concentration skills, and working on motivational skills will help resolve these issues and speed up enhancement.

circularreasningHave a fair amount of emotional intelligence and be very open to experiences.

However, due to a lack of focus and motivation you may not seek out to many new experiences by choice and may lack the focus required to benefit from the full potential of your life skills.

This may lead to issues with low self-esteem and giving up to easily.

2f1bAlso, due to unrealistic expectations, you are at a greater risk of disengaging in building psychic skills often, which will usually lead to weakening skills and even being entirely counterproductive.

Whereby leading to building no new skills or even losing skills you already had by working against them for long periods of time. Also, due to being so open to experiences, you are more prone to illusions than any of type combination, which also slows enhancement.

Be limited to influencing air flow and gasses. If you experience PK effects, they are most likely to be people-orientated, and therefore a product of healing-PK and athletic-PK, such as normalizing other people’s breathing which can lead to the treatment of many chronic conditions through body oxygenation (providing, combining, or treating with oxygen).

airflowYou may also be limited to energy influences of wind and air/gasses in general (putting objects into motion with a gust of wind, or directing objects in flight) through defensive-PK or exposure-PK, but this is less common.

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