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Gray/Purple are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

presentgHave contemporaneous / real-time shifting experiences and both input and output experiences involving information about people. This is because Type Purples are entirely present-based, are telepathists/telepaths simulators (input and output), and are therefore entirely people-orientated.

telepathicsimulationGray/Purples are more nature-orientated than other telepathy types. Excel at getting groups of people “on the same page,” and “on the same wavelength,” in order to achieve goals and meet the needs of yourself and others combined.

Very good at motivating others, helping others to feel confident with group projects and endeavors, and making a positive difference in the world.

You may have more difficulty telling the difference between simulated information and your non-psychic intuition since both Type Gray and Purple involve simulative experiences.

eieioHave fairly high emotional intelligence and empathy (psychic and non-psychic). However, if you have lower emotional intelligence you will be more prone to negative psychic experiences.

Lower emotional intelligence for this combination can been seen in idealistic (unrealistic) expectations and goals, following intuition blindly (high emotional reasoning), and being tricked by a lot of illusions due to your enthusiasm to “be more psychic.” You will also be more prone to spontaneous experiences if you excel at simulating emotions, but struggle to properly regulate and cope with those emotions.

idealisticBe slow to enhancement due to being somewhat focused, idealistic and often shooting for unrealistic expectations. That slowness will only be added to if you have very ridged spiritual or religious approaches to psychic enhancement (allow yourself to limit your methods and/or techniques to certain ways rather than trying a little bit of everything).

However, your enhancement will be quicker if you are a fairly motivated person, are spiritually diverse (study many different religions and approaches to spirituality, and therefore have more method and technique options, and less limitations). Have mainly psychic shared dreams, intuitive impressions, and emotional-based experiences.

newexperiencesBe quicker to enhance if you are very open to, and engage in, new experiences, which is common for this type combination. This higher openness to experience will make it easier for you to make a sustained and useful connection with the universe.

Because you are naturally a more unique and authentic personality, and tend to not follow the crowd, but are more likely to be leading the crowd, this works to your advantage. This is especially true if you are able to work with small groups (intention groups/experiments).

Be limited to luminous energy influence (using white light and colored light in the “visible” spectrum to heal internally and externally, both mind and body).

colorlightHealing-PK is the most likely form that you will experience, because other forms are not really needed in the modern world. Healing –PK works with very weak bio-luminescence, so your effects will rarely ever be actually visible to the human eye, but will be noticeable through the recovery and/or relief of the people you heal.

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