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creativityLet creativity, imagination, adventure, and innovation back into your life, even if it’s just as a hobby, or something you can tweak in your occupation to MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE FRESH AND NEW ON A REGULAR BASIS.

Psychic experiences exist to help you deal with challenges. So, if you never challenge yourself, or are never challenged in general, you’ll never have a need for them.


When it comes to enhancing psychic experiences, creative thinking will be one of the most important things you’ll need to regularly do, especially for experiencers of clairvoyant simulation input. When it comes to shifting and auto-PK, it’s actively trying new things and going new places that will enrich you’re experiences the most.

Because openness to experience is HIGHER IN CHILDREN and lower in adults, children and teens are going to have more potential for psychic dreams, impressions, hallucination-based, macro-PK AND micro-PK psychic experiences.

The older you are, the less options you’ll probably have. For most adults, dream is the best or only option to have psychic experiences. For other adults, they may only have intuitive, and rarely hallucinatory, experiences in altered states of consciousness, so they will need to induce these states regularly to have frequent experiences (Example: meditate daily).


Keep in mind, psychic experiences are mainly very brief events, often lasting for only a couple of seconds. Seemingly NON-STOP psychic experiences do not happen with Type Grays.


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