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Everyone is at least a little bit Type Gray. However, there are two main types of experiences when it comes to combinations of types.

The first type are PERSONALITY EXTREMES. These are the experiencers who score REALLY HIGH in one type, and REALLY low in all other types. These experiencer are the most likely to build a specific skill set because they only have one type of experiences to focus on.


Type Gray: > 90% or 30 points | All Other Types: < 40% or 20 points

Percentages refer to the online version of the PPA-B, and points refer to the standard physical version.

Basically, they’re on the fast track to enhancement. Because of this, they are more likely to reach the skill level of a professional psychic or healer.

The second type are the MULTIFACETED. These are the experiencers who score:

  • High in two types and low in others.
  • High in three types and low in others.
  • High in some types, and low in others.
  • About the same on all types.

These experiencers are more likely to build multiple skill sets, which may never reach the level of professional skills, but will help them in their day-to-day from their career life, to their academic life, to their social life, and of course their hobbies.


This is because they are stretching their efforts by building multiple skill sets rather than being on the fast track. While personality extremes tend to build skills in a smoother spiral path, the multifaceted experiences tend to be all over the place.


However, don’t cut yourself short if you are multifaceted, you have a lot of potential and a lot of options if you REALLY want to be a professional psychic, but realistically speaking, if you score high in more than two types, your chances start to drop pretty quickly.

This is because shifting your personality from two to one is realistic, but three or four to one, VERY, VERY unrealistic.


This is because all too often the multifaceted experiencers want to be professional psychics, while all too often the extremes want more options to interact with their environment and the people in their life then they were dealt.

optionsWhile extremes will have the potential to be professional psychics and healers, the multifaceted have the unique ability to shift their psychic experiences to suit their needs. This includes using the psychic experiences they will benefit most from and even shifting experience types based on the situation they are in and the people they are around.

This unique ability allows them to adapt to their situations and the people in their life more effectively. It’s like being a psychic chameleon. And even more interestingly, if they hang around with extremes, they tend to shift more towards that extremes’ type, and will notice a little BOOST in their effect size (temporary enhancement).


So, focus on putting all your attention on not only on what you excel at, but also consider what skills would be best for you to build. And, keep your expectations realistic.

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