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Next we’ll look at LIMITING FACTORS. Limiting factors are different things that suggest different levels of psychic potential.

Some of the limiting factors can be worked on or tweaked; and therefore will no longer apply to you.

However, other limiting factors aren’t things you can’t get around, or if you can, it’s NOT a good idea to do so.

“What if I believe there are no real limits?”


Learning the information in these courses is a great start for you in developing your psychic experiences, because it is teaching you a new way of thinking about your psychic experiences.

BUT, if you don’t actually end up applying or using the information in these courses, you’re more likely to end up stuck in one place or running around in circles then you are moving forward and building psychic skills.

REMEMBER, taking these courses won’t make you more psychic, YOU will make you more psychic by applying the information you learn here to your daily life.


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