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keep in mind that if you’re anxious or just stressed out during an experience you’re more likely to be drawn to what to AVOID rather than what you are looking for. SO DON’T GET THE TWO MIXED UP, or you’ll be in for a world of hurt (bad luck). Always ask yourself before you act on an impression:

areyoustressedIf your answer is “Yes,” then you may want to do the complete opposite of what your attention is focusing on.

stressfultimesBecause stress can lead to negative psychic experiences, there are age groups where you will be more prone to negative psychic experiences than other age groups. For instance, starting daycare, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, or entering the WORK FORCE.

All very stressful times, all prime for enough stress to push your experiences over the edge. Also, big changes in your body can lead to negative psychic experiences, especially puberty; and pregnancy if you’re female.

In fact, puberty is when most people first notice their psychic experiences AND it’s when negative psychic experience are the most likely to happen. This is why puberty is the WORST time to enhance, and the best time to work on dealing with stress and S L O W L Y building psychic skills naturally through…


Your psychic experiences should either have NO emotional effect or impact on your life, but are still useful, OR enjoyable, positive, and useful. If your experiences are ANYTHING but these, they’re probably negative or at least dealing with negative things (example: like seeing a future event when people may get hurt – in this case it’s up to you if you want them to stop, and we will look at how in the chapter “How Do I Stop?”).

toohighHowever, if you’re psychic experiences make you feel relaxed and calmAWESOME. If they make you feel a little bit excited, that’s OK too. BUT, if they make you feel really excited, like your heart starts beating really fast and/or you start breathing really fast, the intensity or strength of the experience is TOO HIGH.

In this case, it’s your anxiety usually making these experience stronger and more potent. So, again, take some deep breaths, and focus on those deep breaths (mindfulness), until you calm back down. It’s just mind over matter, you can do it!

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