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TYPE GRAY (INTP-J): Synchronicity, Intuition, Intention & Energy Healing, Changing the Past, & Knowing the Future

This course is designed to reveal the limits of your psychic potential and how to make simple adjustments to your daily activities and general behavior to increase your psychic potential and overcome many of those limits.


Upon passing the test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Badge for this course, and 1,000 tokens.Rookie

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Take classes in a row. Each class builds on the previous class, and this course builds on previous courses.

# 1-8

Class Topics

Class 1How Far Can I Go?bullet_careersClass 5Age of Onsetbullet_careers
Class 2Authenticity & Accuracybullet_careersClass 6Openness to Experiencesbullet_careers
Class 3Clues & Confidencebullet_careersClass 7Challenges & Unitybullet_careers
Class 4Limiting Factorsbullet_careersClass 8Gratitude & Thankfulnessbullet_careers

# 9-16

Class Topics

Class 9Emotional Intelligence: Part 1bullet_careersClass 13Emotional Intelligence: Part 5bullet_careers
Class 10Emotional Intelligence: Part 2bullet_careersClass 14Vocabulary & Descriptive Powerbullet_careers
Class 11Emotional Intelligence: Part 3bullet_careersClass 15Vocabulary & Descriptive: Part 2bullet_careers
Class 12Emotional Intelligence: Part 4bullet_careersClass 16Life Experience & Psychic Potentialbullet_careers

# 17-24

Class Topics

Class 17Summary: Limiting Factorsbullet_careersClass 21Gray/Gray Characteristics: Type 2bullet_careers
Class 18Personality Extremes & Combinationsbullet_careersClass 22Gray/Yellow Characteristicsbullet_careers
Class 19Personality Extremes & Combinations: 2bullet_careersClass 23Gray/Green Characteristicsbullet_careers
Class 20Gray/Gray Characteristics: Type 1bullet_careersClass 24Gray/Black Characteristicsbullet_careers

# 25-32

Class Topics

Class 25Gray/Red Characteristicsbullet_careersClass 29Model of Psychic Experiences: Top 4bullet_careers
Class 26Gray/Blue Characteristicsbullet_careersClass 30Model of Psychic Experiences: Bottom 4bullet_careers
Class 27 Gray/White Characteristicsbullet_careers
Class 28Gray/Purple Characteristicsbullet_careers

# 1-2


# 1



Classification and Statistical Manual of Extrasensory Experiences, 1st Edition: CSM-EEdownload
Quantum Psychics – Scientifically Understand, Control and Enhance Your Psychic Ability (2nd Edition)cart
Clairvoyance: A Quantum Approach – The Psychical Influence of Information (UAS Textbook)cart