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Gray/Blacks are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

pastgBe limited to postcognition and historical shifting. Other time-based experiences are highly unlikely. Receive information about living and/or deceased people through postcognition. Receive information about the history of objects, which is called psychometry.

clairvoyant-interactionExperience clairvoyant interaction, such as allowing the dead to speak through you, which is called trance mediumship or channeling, allowing the dead to move your body automatically (example: automatic writing), which is called automatism or xenoglossy. Experience the physical movements of spirits/ghosts by giving them energy, which is called physical mediumship, or helping the dead cross-over into the afterlife, which is called psychopompic activity. You are more likely to have spirit encounters involving the dead than other Type Gray combinations.

medBe naturally open to experiences, and more creative, artistic, and sensitive to your environment, and the emotions of others (including the dead – especially if you are Gray/Black/Blue) than other Type Gray combinations. You are mainly nature-oriented with some people-orientation mainly limited to people who are sick, injured, dying, or deceased.

Experience a lack of motivation and slower enhancement. Experience mainly emotional and intuitive experiences except with communication with the dead.

Mediums may have hallucinatory experiences well into adulthood, but mainly under altered states of consciousness such as trance. Experience infrared energy influence, mainly through healing-PK, which may or may not be the energy that you give to spirits when experiencing physical mediumship.

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