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presentgGray/Greens are experiencers that are more likely than other Type Gray combinations to:

Be limited to real-time shifting and contemporaneous ESP. Receive more information than Type Greens, but less information than most other combinations, because you are limited to intuitive and emotional experiences, with dream experiences less likely.

gloabeBe people-orientated, because Type Greens are highly social, outgoing, and extroverted. You are more open to experiences because of this, have great motivational skills, are quick to enhance, and are more emotionally intelligent than other Type Gray combinations. Experience selfishness, stubbornness, skepticism, and emotional reasoning as road blocks to enhancement.

Be focused on, and sensitive too, the state of the world and major emotional events such as political unrest, environmental disasters, terrorism or war, and so on. More likely to create big effects in global intention experiments and meditations. These are events where hundreds, even millions of people get together to focus on helping and healing the world through intention.

bio-atmo-pkBe limited to bio-energy influence including influencing the nature and behaviors of people and their genes (healing-PK and athletic-PK) and may experience atmokinesis (atmo-PK), which involves influencing the nature and behavior of the weather.

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