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“Can I learn to tell the difference between guess-work, imagination, and real psychic experiences?”

When it comes to developing psychic experiences and sensing their authenticity (“Is it really a psychic experience?”) and accurateness (“Did I interpret the experience correctly?”), it all boils down to TRIAL AND ERROR.

You start by combining a need for psychic experiences with your day-to-day life. Start with simple things. At first, it’s a gamble because you are still feeling things out.

startSince it’s a gamble, start with “pennies” NOT “$5 bills.” In other words, start by testing the authenticity and accuracy of your experiences through small events, not big ones. That way, if you’re wrong, you don’t have much to lose.

Also, you will have A LOT more little events to work with in your day-to-day life, while BIG events come less often.

If you want to get good at something, you need to practice it often.

stop2Ask yourself why you want these experiences. How would these experience improve your life?

If the experiences you want have nothing to do with improving your quality of life, or making your life, or the lives of others, easier — JUST STOP RIGHT HERE.

You need to have a NEED. Realistic expectation ends the second you start chasing after something that you have absolutely no need for. Chasing after something you have very little need for is also an unrealistic expectation, especially in regard to improving accuracy.

Once you start to feel out your psychic experiences and begin to trust them a bit more, move up to “nickels,” then “dimes,” then “quarters,” and eventually “dollars.”

So, start with really small needs that you need fulfilled in your day-to-day life to simply make your life just a little bit easier moment to moment.

failuresThen, over time, work your way up to BIG NEEDS. As you develop your psychic experiences you’ll start to notice the patterns and feelings in relation to those experiences.

It takes time and experience to develop psychic skills, and experience comes from success AND failures.

timeYour failures teach you what not to do, and success teaches you what to do. They are each equally important to enhancement. So, while you may see how some professional psychics can gamble big events, that’s something that takes TIME.

You can’t logically jump from gambling with pennies to gambling with $100 bills when just staring out, there’s just too much risk involved.

It takes time to build your skills. You need to “work the room first.” You do this by picking up on the universe’s subtle clues and your reactions to your experiences, whether subconscious or conscious. By doing this you can adapt your understanding and performance over time.

So study your own, and the universe’s, “tells.” By “tells” I’m referring to your own conscious and subconscious behavior and the universe’s behavior that gives you clues to what is really going on. This comes from being more mindful2 and aware of your feelings, behaviors, and subtle changes in your environment. We’ll look at mindfulness training in the next course.

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