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Paraphysics ‘normally’ refers to the physics of the paranormal and is often associated with the physical nature of those phenomena studied by parapsychologists. Unfortunately, the word is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the theoretical branch of parapsychology or altogether misrepresented as a catch-all phrase for anything from UFOs, to crystals and pyramids. Paraphysics is neither of these. Paraphysics is a branch of theoretical physics which deals with subjects that go ‘beyond’ the ‘normal’ phenomena studied by theoretical and experimental physicists. Since ‘normal’ science deals with naturally occurring phenomena that can be observed or experienced through our five senses and their extensions (microscopes, telescopes, electron-microscopes, experimental measuring devices and all other electronic and mechanical devices that extend human sensations of physical and material reality as defined by science and common consent), paraphysics would deal with ‘naturally’ occurring phenomena that are ‘observed’ or ‘experienced’ outside of our normal five senses. So paraphysics deals with ‘knowledge’ and ‘data’ as well as physical phenomena that affect the physical/material world that are gained by sentient beings by other than the ‘normal’ means through our five senses. Any phenomena that ‘influence’ our physical/material world, even if they are not subject to ‘normal’ explanation within the sciences, fall within the realm of ‘para’-physics. This would include the ‘mechanisms’ associated with psi phenomena and the ‘sixth sense’ as well as any ‘continuity’ of existence beyond material death of living organisms, but paraphysics also includes the reality of any dimensions of space or time beyond the normally sensed four-dimensional space-time of our common experience.” – Paraphysicist, James E. Beichler, Ph.D.

Yggdrasil: The Journal of Paraphysics (Free to Download)

This journal is dedicated to both the explanation of paranormal phenomena within the context of physics and extending the science of physics into areas of study that are normally considered beyond the scope of physics. The journal is digitally stored through the University of Alternative Studies Library and submitted by James E. Beichler, Ph.D. The Journal of Paraphysics was published from 1996-2007.

Volume I – Issue 1

Volume I – Issue 2

Volume I – Issue 3

Volume I – Issue 4

Volume II – Issue 1

Volume II – Issue 2

Volume II – Issue 3

Volume II – Issue 4

Volume III – Issue 1

Volume IV – Issue 1

Paraphysics Communities & Groups

  • Paraphysics Interest Group – Facebook group dedicated to the field of paraphysics.
  • Paraphysics Research Institute – A nonprofit organization established in Canada by Donald H. Wolfraim Ph.D. in 1976. It is currently involved in conducting ongoing research in Paraphysics, Transpersonal Psychology and Parapsychology.
  • Paraphysics Research Group – (PRG) aims to utilise the best scientific minds and most up-to-date scientific instrumentation to help explain the unusual forces responsible for the unexplained physical movement of inanimate objects in cases of poltergeist and allied phenomena.