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TYPE GRAY (INTP-J): Synchronicity, Intuition, Intention & Energy Healing, Changing the Past, & Knowing the Future


This course takes you on a journey to discover why you have Clairvoyant Simulation or Autokinesis experiences. You will learn everything you need to know about what makes you, YOU.  In this course, the factors that make you a “Type Gray” experiencer will be revealed, like your personality, your needs and goals, your age, your life events, and your levels of awareness. You will also learn all about different kinds of illusions that can trick and confuse you. Being able to identify these illusions will jumpstart your psychic development. Not sure if you are having Clairvoyant Simulation or Autokinesis experiences?

In this course you will learn more ways to tell the difference between coincidence and imagination and real psychic experiences. You will also learn the secret to how you can not only have more positive and useful psychic experiences and build psychic skills, but you will also learn how to prevent negative psychic experiences from happening.  Find out what’s guiding you, what’s holding you back, and by doing so, open new doors of understanding to kick start you psychic potential.


Upon passing the test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Badge for this course, and 1,000 tokens.Novice

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Take classes in a row. Each class builds on the previous class, and this course builds on previous courses.

# 1-8

Class Topics

Class 1Why Am I?bullet_careersClass 5Why You Have Psychic Experiencesbullet_careers
Class 2Personality Type #1bullet_careersClass 6Your Needs – CSbullet_careers
Class 3Personality Type #2bullet_careersClass 7Your Needs – PKbullet_careers
Class 4Your Directed Attentionbullet_careersClass 8Your Eventsbullet_careers

# 9-16

Class Topics

Class 9Changes to Your Personalitybullet_careersClass 13Your Illusionsbullet_careers
Class 10Changes in Your Environmentbullet_careersClass 14Illusions #1, 2, 3bullet_careers
Class 11Your Agebullet_careersClass 15Illusions #4, 5, 6bullet_careers
Class 12Your Awarenessbullet_careersClass 16#7 Probabilistic Reasoningbullet_careers

# 17-24

Class Topics

Class 17Illusions #8, 9 10bullet_careersClass 21Illusions #16 & 17bullet_careers
Class 18#11 Pareidoliabullet_careersClass 22Illusions #18 & 19bullet_careers
Class 19#12 Precognition vs. Shiftingbullet_careersClass 23Illusion #23 – Externalizingbullet_careers
Class 20Illusions #13, 14, 15bullet_careers Class 24 Illusion #21 – Ignoring the Issue

# 25-32

Class Topics

Class 25Illusions #21 & 22 – No Shortcutsbullet_careersClass 29Third List of Protectionsbullet_careers
Class 26Your Protectionsbullet_careersClass 30Mini-Quiz: Illusionsbullet_careers
Class 27First List of Protectionsbullet_careersClass 31Mini-Quiz: Stressful Eventsbullet_careers
Class 28Second List of Protectionsbullet_careersClass 32Mini-Quiz: Anxious or Depressed?bullet_careers

# 1-2


 # 1


Quiz 1Cognitive Biases Questionnairebullet_careers Challenge 1 Pareidolia Challenge (7-Day) bullet_careers
Quizzes 2Mental Health Assessmentsbullet_careers


Classification and Statistical Manual of Extrasensory Experiences, 1st Edition: CSM-EEdownload
Quantum Psychics – Scientifically Understand, Control and Enhance Your Psychic Ability (2nd Edition)cart
Clairvoyance: A Quantum Approach – The Psychical Influence of Information (UAS Textbook)cart