Attention & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)

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  1. Why Am I? (Type Gray)
  2. Personality Type #1 (Type Gray)
  3. Personality Type #2 (Type Gray)
  4. Attention & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  5. Why You Have Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  6. Your Needs & Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  7. Needs & PK Experiences (Type Gray)
  8. Events and Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  9. Personality Changes & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  10. Your Environment & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  11. Age & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  12. Psychic Awareness (Type Gray)
  13. Psychic Illusions (Type Gray)
  14. Belief, Meaning, & Auto Labeling (Type Gray)
  15. Self-fulfilling Prophecies & Ignoring When You’re Wrong (Type Gray)
  16. Probability & Reason (Type Gray)
  17. Don’t Be Fooled (Type Gray)
  18. Seeing Faces & Hearing Your Name (Type Gray)
  19. Precognition vs. Probability Shifting (Type Gray)
  20. Accuracy, OBEs, & Evil Presence (Type Gray)
  21. Weird Does Not Equal Psychic (Type Gray)
  22. Confusing Negative & Positive Experiences (Type Gray)
  23. Externalizing (Type Gray)
  24. Ignoring Negative Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  25. Avoid Shortcuts (Type Gray)
  26. Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  27. #1st List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  28. #2nd List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  29. #3rd List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  30. Psychic Illusions Mini-Quiz – Are You Being Fooled? (Type Gray)
  31. Mini-Quiz: Prone to Psychic Experiences? Ready to Enhance? (Type Gray)
  32. Mini-Quiz: Anxious? Depressed? (Type Gray)


Yes, but also because of what you do on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. The more you do, or do to experience, the following, the more you are going to lean towards Type Gray psychic experiences, and the more you are going to build psychic skills.


For now, just make a mental note of how often (all day, once an hour, once a day, once a week) you do these things, because how you direct your mental and physical attention has a direct effect on how you direct your “psychic” attention.

We’ll get into detail about how to increase the amount of times you are in line with these actions, or lack of actions, later on when we look at ways to enhance your psychic experiences.

mightierthantheswordA quick example for now for “How often do you keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself?” could be writing your thoughts and opinions down in a journal or even writing a paper or book on your thoughts and opinions on a certain topic.

Sharing your thoughts and ideas casually with friends and family can every once and awhile stop you from developing and exploring new and interesting ideas more deeply. This is because most people are resistant to new ideas or less excited about talking about ideas rather than events or other people.


The more you write, the more detailed and structured your position becomes, and a well oil machine is far more powerful than tossing around a few parts and pieces with a couple of friends over a few beers this weekend.

Your deeper thoughts should not consist of a few notes or a simple rhythm, they should be developed and designed in symphony, in harmony, not in disorder and chaos. Collect your thoughts, collect your mind.

putottopaper“How often are you emotionally reserved?” could be journaling about your emotions and how you feel, especially if you are not too skilled at talking about your feelings.

Journaling allows you to form ways to explain how you feel to yourself and others, narrow down why you feel that way, and come up with strategies and solutions to deal with those emotions properly in the real world.

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