Age & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)

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  1. Why Am I? (Type Gray)
  2. Personality Type #1 (Type Gray)
  3. Personality Type #2 (Type Gray)
  4. Attention & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  5. Why You Have Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  6. Your Needs & Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  7. Needs & PK Experiences (Type Gray)
  8. Events and Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  9. Personality Changes & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  10. Your Environment & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  11. Age & Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  12. Psychic Awareness (Type Gray)
  13. Psychic Illusions (Type Gray)
  14. Belief, Meaning, & Auto Labeling (Type Gray)
  15. Self-fulfilling Prophecies & Ignoring When You’re Wrong (Type Gray)
  16. Probability & Reason (Type Gray)
  17. Don’t Be Fooled (Type Gray)
  18. Seeing Faces & Hearing Your Name (Type Gray)
  19. Precognition vs. Probability Shifting (Type Gray)
  20. Accuracy, OBEs, & Evil Presence (Type Gray)
  21. Weird Does Not Equal Psychic (Type Gray)
  22. Confusing Negative & Positive Experiences (Type Gray)
  23. Externalizing (Type Gray)
  24. Ignoring Negative Psychic Experiences (Type Gray)
  25. Avoid Shortcuts (Type Gray)
  26. Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  27. #1st List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  28. #2nd List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  29. #3rd List of Psychic Protections (Type Gray)
  30. Psychic Illusions Mini-Quiz – Are You Being Fooled? (Type Gray)
  31. Mini-Quiz: Prone to Psychic Experiences? Ready to Enhance? (Type Gray)
  32. Mini-Quiz: Anxious? Depressed? (Type Gray)


You may start having noticeable psychic experiences when you were very young, like ages 3-5, or later on during puberty. These experiences are usually spontaneous and may or may not have affected you in a negative way mentally, emotionally, or socially.

Experiences that start early in life can carry on throughout your life if you continue to have some need for them or come to depend on their helpfulness. If the experiences are positive and helpful they will remain positive and helpful unless something very stressful happens to you. Then as your mind and emotions start to get out of control, so too will your psychic experiences.

childrenChildren tend to be more aware of their experiences because they are more imaginative and more open to the experiences.

This is because they have not yet learned about the stigma of being labeled “psychic” in society and they are less likely to question the information bubbling up into their conscious mind.

This is why adults are more likely to have dreams then conscious experiences, because they don’t question strange things in their sleep. However, when awake, they are more likely to think logically and force experiences to remain entirely subconscious.

magicalYoung people are also more “magical-thinking,” where they are more likely to label a strange experiences a genuinely strange rather than brush it off as a coincidence or imagination.

Noticeable experiences starting around puberty, around ages 13-16, are usually caused by a need to communicate your needs, but were unable to do so. You may not have be able to communicate your wants, needs, thoughts, or emotions verbally to other people.

noYou may have not have had people in your life that could properly meet your needs, had people in your life who were unwilling to meet your needs, or had people in your life that increased your demand for needs like having a parent that needs everything to be a certain way or “perfect.”

adhdAlso, if you were able to communicate your needs well, but someone did not entirely understand you (a parent that did not understand a child’s limits or behavior due to physical or mental illness), or someone simply refused to meet your needs (a bully at school, or a violent and cruel parent), or you were able to communicate you needs well, but the resources you needed were not being made available (e.g. food, shelter, clothing, etc.).

Noticeable psychic experiences that start when you were an adult should be positive and useful unless they were caused by serious physical or emotional harm, illness, or any other type of sudden negative experience that resulted in a major disturbance in your life and continued to do so for some time.

wearefamilyWhile experiences that start at puberty or adulthood will likely be caused by a stressful event kick starting their experiences, early childhood experiences may begin due to either a family history of early psychic experiences, like a parent or grandparent, or because such experiences were “normal” and wellunderstood by your family. In this case, your psychic experiences were nurtured and grew in a healthy and useful way.

Also, early childhood psychic experiences between twins is somewhat common, especially with identical twins. Psychic experiences can also happen between brothers and sisters or best friends growing up, between romantic partners when grown up, parents and children at any age, or even with people you meditate with regularly.

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