I Want To Be More Type Green II (Type Gray)

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  1. What Can I Tweak & How: Personality & Activity (Type Gray)
  2. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion (Type Gray)
  3. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion II (Type Gray)
  4. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking (Type Gray)
  5. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking II (Type Gray)
  6. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking III (Type Gray)
  7. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking IV (Type Gray)
  8. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking V (Type Gray)
  9. I Want To Be More Type Yellow (Type Gray)
  10. I Want To Be More Type Yellow II (Type Gray)
  11. I Want To Be More Type Green (Type Gray)
  12. I Want To Be More Type Green II (Type Gray)
  13. I Want To Be More Type Black (Type Gray)
  14. I Want To Be More Type Black II (Type Gray)
  15. I Want To Be More Type Red (Type Gray)
  16. I Want To Be More Type Red II (Type Gray)
  17. I Want To Be More Type Blue (Type Gray)
  18. I Want To Be More Type Blue II (Type Gray)
  19. I Want To be More Type White (Type Gray)
  20. Shifting Psychic Modes (Type Gray)
  21. Change Psychic Dreams From Realistic to Unrealistic (Type Gray)
  22. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition I (Type Gray)
  23. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition II (Type Gray)
  24. Change Psychic Dreams into Altered State Hallucinations
  25. Changing Output Dreams (Type Gray)


differentreligionsYou’ll also need to allow major flexibility in your core values since you will not only be dealing with more people, but a lot of different types of people from different places, different religious and spiritual beliefs, and from different cultures.

You will need to be more downtoearth, very often focusing on growth, living life to the fullest, healing and helping others to grow, thriving on change, and taking a few risks along the way.

everyendisanewbeginYou’ll need to get use to the dual nature of Type Greens, because they often shift from being positive thinking to negative thinking; one minute they are happy, another sad, fearful one day, and fearless the next. For them, beginnings and endings are equally harmonic and fluid.

nopeGetting stuck on one side or the other of their dual perspective can lead to big problems with stubbornness, recklessness, selfishness, refusal to adapt, change, grow, believing you are always right, or refusing to give in, back down, or compromise.

White Type Greens usually travel in groups, they rarely find THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE to settle down with because they tend to have very emotionally-charged relationships, and are always on the move. So, if you hope to settle down anytime soon, you might want to steer clear of Type Green traits and activities, unless your next love interest is another Type Green.

Their dual nature makes them loyal and devoted one day, and transient the next. Failure to keep moving might result in not properly expressing their emotions which can lead to a quick and explosive temper and becoming emotionallysensitive

thunderstorm2Mostly though, Type Greens are more calm-natured like Type Grays, like a gentle rain. But, if provoked they can be very destructive, like a THUNDERSTORM.

You will need to get involved in your own and other communities, take up environmental causes, and/or shift your career into a traveling care-taking position.

Type Greens are naturally humble, so if you find that you have put yourself up on any kind of intellectual pedestal, you’ll need to step down.

If you don’t, you’re likely to be knocked down. The best way to understand people is to allow yourself to be on their level. This is especially true if you are trying to deeply understand and empathize with an entire community, society, or culture.


If you start to notice plant life failing around you, or people start feeling sick around you, back off, and work on balancing your emotions, reducing stress, and attend to any health issues you might have. Do the same thing if you notice you are becoming impulsive or irrational.

If you’re balancing your emotions well, some will notice plantgrowth around them, people feeling ill will start feeling relief and renewed, and for the lesser few, they may notice the weather is often working in their favor.

In a nutshell:

  • Work on emotional control strategies to better control your emotions. Be calm, be peaceful, even in the middle of major drama.
  • Get out and meet new people and go new places as often as possible.
  • Reach out and help others often without expecting anything in return. Put some of their needs above your own, but don’t go overboard.
  • Travel, travel, travel. Not just around town, but as far as you can go.
  • outdoorsgetoutdoors Not just on the weekend, find a way to make sure you’re out there all day if possible.
  • Allow yourself to be a little bit stubborn if you’re trying to help others grow. Just watch out for selfish motives. It should be more about them than you. But don’t let people take advantage of your generous nature.
  • Skip the theory building and take a hands-on, practical approach You need to get your hands dirty, figuratively, and in some cases, literally.
  • bonding
  • bondLet your heart drive you more than your head. You’ll need to act quickly, so you won’t have time to think about all the data, and plan every detail. When you begin to feel happiest when others around you are happy, so you reach out to make more people happy, you’re on the right track.
  • Reach out to people who are sick, in pain, who have recently lost something or someone (example: their home due to a natural disaster, a loved one due to cancer).
  • Be practical, realistic, responsible, and dependable. But most importantly be kind, understanding, and empathetic.

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