I Want To Be More Type Black II (Type Gray)

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  1. What Can I Tweak & How: Personality & Activity (Type Gray)
  2. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion (Type Gray)
  3. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion II (Type Gray)
  4. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking (Type Gray)
  5. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking II (Type Gray)
  6. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking III (Type Gray)
  7. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking IV (Type Gray)
  8. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking V (Type Gray)
  9. I Want To Be More Type Yellow (Type Gray)
  10. I Want To Be More Type Yellow II (Type Gray)
  11. I Want To Be More Type Green (Type Gray)
  12. I Want To Be More Type Green II (Type Gray)
  13. I Want To Be More Type Black (Type Gray)
  14. I Want To Be More Type Black II (Type Gray)
  15. I Want To Be More Type Red (Type Gray)
  16. I Want To Be More Type Red II (Type Gray)
  17. I Want To Be More Type Blue (Type Gray)
  18. I Want To Be More Type Blue II (Type Gray)
  19. I Want To be More Type White (Type Gray)
  20. Shifting Psychic Modes (Type Gray)
  21. Change Psychic Dreams From Realistic to Unrealistic (Type Gray)
  22. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition I (Type Gray)
  23. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition II (Type Gray)
  24. Change Psychic Dreams into Altered State Hallucinations
  25. Changing Output Dreams (Type Gray)


Like Type Grays, Type Blacks are often seen as mysterious and reserved. However, they are far more selfless than Type Grays are naturally. They tend to put others before themselves in pretty much every situation. This can get exhausting if you don’t take time out to properly rest and regenerate.

Beinancestryg self-respecting and reliable shouldn’t be a major feat for you.

But, being more respectful, especially towards authority and traditions, and taking more interested in ancestry and historical events might be a bit of a struggle for you.

Type Blacks are also very detailed-oriented, very aware of their environment, the people in their surroundings, and small changes in the environment and people (VERY mindful).

mindfullness2So if you’re lacking in the mindfulness department, you will need to pay particular attention to advancing your mindfulness skills, especially if you want to pick up on subtle communications from the dead.


ALONG WITH ALLOWING YOURSELF TO EITHER GET INVOLVED IN THE ARTS (example: taking some art and design classes, or taking up a craft), OR AT LEAST GETTING MORE INVOLVED IN ART APPRECIATION (example: like going to museums and studying art history, or the history of architecture).

embracechangeWhile Type Grays tend to go with the flow in life and like experiencing new things, Type Blacks prefer more consistency in their life and often resist change more than they give in to it.

Sometimes this resistance to change actually works against them, so strive to keep some consistency in your life, but remember to go with the flow of change every now and again too.

In a nutshell:

  • mystoryIf you experienced mental, emotional, or physical distress as a child, now is the time to start revisiting this distress if you haven’t already dealt with it and moved on. In this case, the transformation you will go through will connect you and transform you in other ways. Your history, your story, is very important to your self-growth now.
  • If you aren’t already meticulous; VERY detailed oriented, then now is the time to start focusing more on the little things.
  • Type Blacks can become a bit cynical (negative, distrustful, suspicious of other people) if they don’t deal fully with their past. While it’s ok to have your dislikes and a healthy level of caution, you shouldn’t be a negative thinker all the time, as this can quickly lead to low self-esteem, depression, or outbursts of negative emotions.
  • metimeMake sure you get your “alone time.” Use this time only for deep thinking and reflection, not TV or gaming time. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest and deep relaxation.
  • Take up journaling/writing to express your thoughts and feelings, unless you have someone in your life that’s a great listener and that is very supportive. Creative writing can help you dig a little deeper into your subconscious thoughts and feelings too.
  • pourfromanemptycupLet others direct your life a bit, let go of your inner control freak if you have one. Be ready to start putting your needs last. Others will need to come first to make this transition. But remember, you can’t help others if you can’t even help yourself, so take time out to rest.
  • hospiceDepending on your level of patience, reach out and get more involved in the lives of children, animals, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, or the dying. Those who are more social may do better working with people, but if you’re a major introvert, you’ll probably need to work more with animals or with people one-on-one.
  • It’s ok to be a bit standoffish, distant, quite, and shy. So allow these traits to get a foothold on your personality.
  • reachoutIf you want to have communications with the dead, and you lost a loved one recently or in the past, they are your connection to the other side. Let them throw you a rope to start climbing by spending time thinking about them and talking to them out loud (not just in your head). The more you allow them in back into your life, the more they will be.
  • Be prepare to be under-appreciated. The goal is to help, not get noticed and be rewarded. Be humble, be selfless, but don’t let people take advantage of you either. It’s a fine line you need to walk, but your grace and introversion will help you keep your balance. The word “no” is not often used by Type Blacks.
  • If you work long hours; great, just remember that while you may be physically alone, you’re never truly spiritually alone; there are connections all around and within you. If you start taking life more seriously, that’s great too, just make sure you make time for fun, play, and rest

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