I Want To Be More Type Red II (Type Gray)

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  1. What Can I Tweak & How: Personality & Activity (Type Gray)
  2. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion (Type Gray)
  3. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Introversion II (Type Gray)
  4. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking (Type Gray)
  5. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking II (Type Gray)
  6. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking III (Type Gray)
  7. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking IV (Type Gray)
  8. How To Become A Type Gray Extreme: Thinking V (Type Gray)
  9. I Want To Be More Type Yellow (Type Gray)
  10. I Want To Be More Type Yellow II (Type Gray)
  11. I Want To Be More Type Green (Type Gray)
  12. I Want To Be More Type Green II (Type Gray)
  13. I Want To Be More Type Black (Type Gray)
  14. I Want To Be More Type Black II (Type Gray)
  15. I Want To Be More Type Red (Type Gray)
  16. I Want To Be More Type Red II (Type Gray)
  17. I Want To Be More Type Blue (Type Gray)
  18. I Want To Be More Type Blue II (Type Gray)
  19. I Want To be More Type White (Type Gray)
  20. Shifting Psychic Modes (Type Gray)
  21. Change Psychic Dreams From Realistic to Unrealistic (Type Gray)
  22. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition I (Type Gray)
  23. Change Psychic Dreams into Empathy and Intuition II (Type Gray)
  24. Change Psychic Dreams into Altered State Hallucinations
  25. Changing Output Dreams (Type Gray)


achievementThey also tend to be the most aggressive of all the types. They live for gratification and achievement, are often a bit self-involved, but are fairly mature in their goals and principles. If your close relationships aren’t already deeply emotional, they will be once you start leaning in this direction.

You will need to avoid feelings of inadequacy, since it’s your new weakness. Type Reds often do this by falling in love with themselves and putting themselves up on a pedestal, rather than letting others do it for them. This way, any criticism or rejection that comes their way does not influence their social position in any way.

whatothersthinkRather, it just bounces right off of them and they keep on going. If they do allow others to put them up on a pedestal, they are easily knocked right back down if they are hit by criticism from that person. So, be prepared to have iron skin, or be prepared to not really care what anyone thinks of you at all, except maybe a trusted few.

Basically, increasing and maintaining your self-esteem will now be a full-time job. You will need to be competent in your actions and highly likable. To be highly likable you will have to be fully prepared to shed even some of your most deeply held beliefs to fit in everywhere you go.

nofraudIf not, deception will be your most powerful tool, which you should already have mastered as a Type Gray. This is where things can get a bit gray-area as far as ethical and legal implications, so keep that impulsive side in check, and think through your more devious plans.

Again, the universe conspires to help, not hurt, so watch out for cruel intent, it may end up getting you cut off from your Type Gray psychic experiences. Watch out for acting out of shamelessness, jealousy, envy, arrogance, or a sense of entitlement. Keep your expectations (in life in general) realistic and watch out for magical thinking, which can be very counterproductive to keeping it real.

If you find yourself quick to exploit others without caring about the feelings of others just to meet your own needs, you’re in for a world of hurt, so start working on those compassion skills.

dualprobabilityType Reds can get away with some of this stuff occasionally, you can’t, because you’re a two-person show (you + universe), not a solo act.

Avoid negative thinking, brooding, vengeful feelings, and violent reactions. You may end up a skilled manipulator by leaning in this direction, but pushing others too hard will backfire. When this backfires, people will start making quick and rash (rushed and unwise) decisions around you, while others may complain that they feel frustrated and mentally exhausted around you.

stress2People can only take just so much from a control freak, psychic or not. If you start noticing these effects in other people, back off, seek solitude, and start working on your anxiety and control issues.

They are what drive these issues to happen. The more desperate you are to get your way, the worse things will get. Also, these effects will be more commonly seen in other people who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues themselves, so if things start taking a downward spiral for them, get as far away from them as you can, and avoid even thinking about them if you can.

In a nutshell:

  • You will need to become the life of the party, the kind of person people lose track of time around.
  • You will need to become assertive. This means becoming almost aggressively self-confident.
  • spontaneousYou will need to be hard for others to predict. This is part of what makes you exciting. Your unpredictability comes from your high and wild energy, your drive to be spontaneous.
  • You will need to be a fast talker, a fast walker, and a quick study. You will need to live life in the fast lane.
  • You will need to bring excitement and craziness into your life and the lives of others. You’ll need to shake things up, take risks, and get waaaay outside of your comfort zone.
  • You will need to regularly seek out stimulating conversation. This doesn’t mean deep analytical and logical conversations. No, this means fast-paced, arousing conversations full of excitement, laughter, and high emotions with little to no reserve.
  • centerofattentionYou will need to be the kind of person everyone notices. This means being the center of attention by drawing attention to yourself and making grand entrances. All eyes should be on you. Dress to impress, give compliments out like candy, and use every situation to your advantage.
  • Be passionate more than compassionate, be alive rather than just living, be a hopeful romantic rather than a hopeless loner.
  • maxenergyWork your way up to being so HIGH ENERGY that you can feed and entire room with your energy. Start by taking up extreme sports, or high endurance exercise. Be hard to predict, be expressive, be lively, and be the fire raging within you.

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