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  1. What Am I? (Type Yellow)
  2. Psychic “Ability” (Type Yellow)
  3. Psi, ESP, & Clairvoyance (Type Yellow)
  4. Dreams, Impressions, & Hallucinations (Type Yellow)
  5. Clairvoyant Cognition (Type Yellow)
  6. Mental Mediumship and Clairvoyant Cognition (Type Yellow)
  7. Intention (Type Yellow)
  8. Adaptive or Directive? (Type Yellow)
  9. Your Main Goals (Type Yellow)
  10. Remote Viewing & Postcognition (Type Yellow)
  11. How You Receive (Type Yellow)
  12. You Are Not Alone (Type Yellow)
  13. Difference Between CC & Other ESP
  14. Still Not Sure (Type Yellow)
  15. Psychokinesis (Type Yellow)
  16. Forms of PK (Type Yellow)
  17. PK or CC (Type Yellow)
  18. Telekinesis (Type Yellow)
  19. You Are Not Alone (Type Yellow)
  20. Having Doubts? (Type Yellow)
  21. One Last Question (Type Yellow)
  22. Your Directed Attention (Type Yellow)
  23. Your Needs (Type Yellow)


Clairvoyant cognition tends to become noticeable when your ability to have meaningful communication and relationships with other people falls short or fails.

This is especially true when you experience a sudden increase in a need to, or a sudden decrease in your ability to, do certain things like solving problems and making decisions.

Figuring out the source of your stress that is holding you back from having meaningful communication and relationships with others will provide a path for how to move forward.

The main reasons experiencers usually have noticeable clairvoyant experiences include:

  1. Having problems learning, where you want to expand your knowledge-base and understand and apply what is learned to develop and achieve.
  2. Having problems managing, organizing, or arranging your thoughts and ideas.
  3. Having problems building complex ideas and theories based on the information you already know.
  4. Having problems asking questions and figuring things out, like if the information you learn, and your thoughts are correct and logical.
  5. Having problems deciding how or if people, situations, or things are working correctly and efficiently.

Next, we will be breaking down the main reasons into smaller more detailed reasons. Remember, while too much of a reason can cause too much stress to build psychic skills, a little bit of stress caused by one of these reasons can help you build psychic skills.

So, as we cover these reasons, think to yourself….

If you are too stressed out: “How can I reduce or eliminate the reason for my noticeable, but not helpful, clairvoyant cognitive experiences?”

If you want to build psychic skills: “How can I increase my need, just a little bit, to do these things on a regular basis?”

Don’t worry if you can’t think of solutions or ways to increase your need right away. We will be looking more at all of this later on in the course “How Do I Get There?”

For now, just make a of note of which reasons apply or may apply to your life currently by making down the number next to the reason on a piece of paper.

  1. Understand or adapt to a person or thing.
  2. Come to a decision involving a person or thing.
  3. Be clever, quick, inventive, motivated, inspired, alert, or outspoken.
  4. Be resourceful in solving new and challenging problems.
  5. Generate abstract possibilities and carefully study them strategically through precision thinking.
  6. Identify and carefully study the details of complex relationships between people, things, and ideas.
  7. Identify patterns and correlations.
  8. Deeply understand the way relationships work and how they can be improved upon.
  9. Be enthusiastic, outgoing, flexible, loyal, or very resourceful.
  10. Analyze and structure the world in which you live in a logical and rational way and reach out and improve the world.
  11. Be highly capable and have confidence in your own abilities, which may be the result of a reduction in intelligence or mental and physical energy.
  12. Innovate or invent.
  13. Offer deep understandings and new and interesting solutions to problems.
  14. Journey to discover solutions and take on personal or professional challenges.
  15. Assume a leadership or decision-making position.
  16. Quickly see illogical, wrong, or confusing procedures and policies.
  17. Develop and put into use through systems to solve organizational problems.
  18. Expand your knowledge and pass it on to others.
  19. Be fiercely independent in your decision-making process including being self-confident, honest, charismatic, and fair-minded.
  20. Be emotionally unaffected by conflict or criticism or use your strong will to protect yourself from outside threats.

Clairvoyant cognition experiences may also occur when you experience a sudden and highly distressing decrease in your ability to, or an increase in your need to acquire information about:

  1. The history of a person or thing, which may result in retro/postcognitive experiences.
  2. The current state of a person or thing, which may result in contemporaneous ESP or remote viewing/sensing.
  3. Making future projections such as estimating future events and probabilities concerning people and things, which may result in precognitive or presentiment experiences.

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