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Telekinesis (Tele-PK) is the psychokinetic influence of electric and magnetic energy, and electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Here, the experiencer appears to be able to affect the behavior and motion of electrically charged particles and electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

This includes a wide range of influence from fields to charges, to currents, and potentials.

Electric and magnetic fields are two connected parts of an electromagnetic field and under many conditions, it is impossible to think about the two separately.

Experiencers appear to lean towards one of two different sub-types.

The first sub-type involves influencing:

  • Electrical generation, which involves converting mechanical or bioenergy into electrical energy.
  • Electromagnetic stimulation, which can involve using electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue. Here each magnetic use causes a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair.
  • Electromagnetic induction, which involves a change in an electric field that creates a magnetic field; also a change in a magnetic field that generates an electric field.

The second sub-type involves influencing what was just mentioned above + it involves influencing:

  • Direct current, which involves a continuous flow of electricity.
  • Electrical conduction, which involves the movement or flow of electrically charged particles.
  • Electric shock, which involves the physical reaction of a living thing to the passage of electric current through its body, though this seems limited to spontaneous defensive-PK. However, this is not to be confused with normal electric shock, but rather electric shock not under normal circumstances.
  • Photoelectric effect, which involves the release of electrons when light shines on an object.
  • Static electricity, which involves the unbalanced charge on an object, usually referring to charges with strong voltages to produce visible attraction, repulsion, and sparks. Again, not to be confused with normal experiences with static electricity.

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