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Contemporaneous information refers to receiving information about a person, place, object, or idea right now, in the present. This means you can suddenly see your keys in another room, “There they are!” or suddenly know that your best friend is headed over to your house without telling you first. It also helps you work with tasks such as figuring out how to solve problems and how to make decisions that you are thinking about right now.

Here, the information received is about stuff that is going on right now either in your surrounding conditions or somewhere else important to you. You may see a place far away out of your normal range of view – this is called Remote Viewing, or you may sense a person far away that is beyond your normal ability to sense them – this is called Remote Sensing.

Remote viewing and remote sensing can also happen with telepathic experiences where you see through another person’s eyes or feel as they feel. However, with clairvoyant simulation experiences, it’s not about what they see or feel, it’s about how or where they are.

“So how do I know if the information I pick up on is for something in the present or the near future? I mean, where does one end and the other begin?

OK, let’s say you suddenly feel like you might be in danger. This is different than if you feel like you might be in danger later on in the day. If you sense that something is going to happen in the next couple of minutes or is already happening somewhere else, this is contemporaneous or information about the present.

However, if you feel that something is going to happen in an hour, a few days, or even a few months, this is precognition. Most of the time it’s easy to tell one from the other, while other times you just need to ask yourself this:

“In the time you started wondering if your experience was relating to the present or the future, did it already happen?”

If so, it was definitely contemporaneous.

Clairvoyant cognition can seem to blur lines between the past, present, and future. This is because by the time we realize something JUST happened, it’s already in the past, and often by the time we realize something will happen, it is already happening right now.

Postcognition, or Retrocognition as it was known as first, refers to when you receive information about the past. This is information can be about the past of a person, place, object, or even past ideas on a certain topic. Picking up on information about an object’s past is called Psychometry.

Postcognition can sometimes be confused with communication with the dead. This happens when a person picks up on information ABOUT a dead person, but the information is not actually FROM a dead person, but from the universe or from another living person. If it’s from another living person, it’s a telepathic experience, not a clairvoyant one.

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