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You could be one or the other, or a little bit of both. People who have more physically challenging jobs and hobbies are more likely to experience PK than ESP. However, people who have more mentally challenging jobs and hobbies are more likely to experience ESP.

BUT, if your job is both mentally and physically challenging, then you might be an experiencer of BOTH. In this case, deciding which type will benefit you more in the long run, which one you are already better working with, will help you figure out where your efforts should be.

For example, people whose job involves hands-on therapeutic bodywork such as massage therapists or physical therapists are more likely to experience healing-PK effects.

People whose jobs involve teaching or management are more likely to experience ESP healing.

However, people whose jobs involve nursing, which can be both mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging, may work with both ESP AND PK healing.

People who are still in school may lean towards ESP healing unless they are involved in sports or other physical activities inside or outside of school.

People who are still in school may also experience PK effects when they are VERY stressed out, but they may not be able to hone useful PK skills except PK-healing, because they naturally lean towards ESP.

This is because ESP works with very small things, information, so it’s a weak influence. This is also true with healing-PK because experiencers are working with weak energy fields.

Healing-PK experiencers tend to only work with weak influences because if they were to shift back and forth between strong and weak influences, they could possibly hurt someone by applying too much energy.

However, other forms of PK involve bigger effects that need stronger influences. This means, if you are a healing-PK experiencer, it’s best to stick with healing.

However, if you are better at other forms of PK, it’s best not to become a healer, because it’s hard enough to control PK effects, let alone how strong they are.

Also, healing-PK and other forms of PK are enhanced differently, so you would only be spreading out your efforts, where you may enhance one at the risk of reducing the other. They are just too different to work very well together.

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