Your Directed Attention (Type Yellow)

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  1. What Am I? (Type Yellow)
  2. Psychic “Ability” (Type Yellow)
  3. Psi, ESP, & Clairvoyance (Type Yellow)
  4. Dreams, Impressions, & Hallucinations (Type Yellow)
  5. Clairvoyant Cognition (Type Yellow)
  6. Mental Mediumship and Clairvoyant Cognition (Type Yellow)
  7. Intention (Type Yellow)
  8. Adaptive or Directive? (Type Yellow)
  9. Your Main Goals (Type Yellow)
  10. Remote Viewing & Postcognition (Type Yellow)
  11. How You Receive (Type Yellow)
  12. You Are Not Alone (Type Yellow)
  13. Difference Between CC & Other ESP
  14. Still Not Sure (Type Yellow)
  15. Psychokinesis (Type Yellow)
  16. Forms of PK (Type Yellow)
  17. PK or CC (Type Yellow)
  18. Telekinesis (Type Yellow)
  19. You Are Not Alone (Type Yellow)
  20. Having Doubts? (Type Yellow)
  21. One Last Question (Type Yellow)
  22. Your Directed Attention (Type Yellow)
  23. Your Needs (Type Yellow)


Yes, but also because of what you do on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. The more you do or do to experience, the following, the more you are going to lean towards Type Yellow psychic experiences, and the more you are going to build psychic skills.

For now, just make a mental note of how often (all day, once an hour, once a day, once a week) you do these things because how you direct your mental and physical attention has a direct effect on how you direct your “psychic” attention.

We’ll get into detail about how to increase the number of times you are in line with these actions, or lack of actions, later when we look at ways to enhance your psychic experiences.

Some quick examples for “How often are you devoted and dedicated?” could involve causes or followers.

So, how often to you devote your time towards a cause? How dedicated are you to it: all day, hourly, once a week?

How often do you devote your time to helping your students, clients, or followers, etc.?

A quick example of “How often do you try to learn new things AND have a hard time sitting still while doing them?” could be how often do you really try new things? I mean really new, not just the same old stuff you do every single day or week. How often do you meet new people, go new places, try new foods, read new books or watch the news? And, when you are doing those things, are you all amped up full of energy, do you do meet new people on-the-go, need to be moving around when learning new things, need to explore every nook and cranny of a new place? HOW OFTEN?

A quick example of “How often do you enjoy philosophy and science equally?” could be how often do you learn a new scientific theory/fact and really dive into understanding it, I mean really critically think about it?

How often do you create your own hypotheses based on that new information?

How often to you mix science and spiritual topics to better understand BOTH?

“OK, so now I know why I have these types of psychic experiences, but why do I have psychic experiences in the first place?”

Everyone has psychic experiences, whether they notice them or not. However, some people will have very subtle psychic experiences while others may have quit noticeable ones.

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