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Psychokinesis (PK) is the direct effect of the mind on the physical world that can’t be explained by the radiation of any known physical energy. PK includes any direct mind-over-matter effect or mental effect on a physical system. Some call psychokinesis telekinesis, but in this course, telekinesis will mean something a little different.

Not that many people report experiences with PK because PK is often unable to be seen with the naked eye.

PK effects that can be seen with the naked eye are called macro-PK, and PK effects that can’t be seen with the naked eye are called micro-PK.

Spontaneous, or unplanned and sudden, macro-PK effects that happen are more often a random effect in response to stress rather than having a useful effect.

However, spontaneous micro-PK effects that happen are more often useful but are not able to be noticed unless the small effect results in a bigger or more noticeable effect.


So, PK effects happen when an experiencer has a need to let off some steam when they can’t seem to reduce their stress on their own, or PK effects happen when the experiencer needs to decrease stress for themselves or others through healing.

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