Providing Tuition-Free Online Academic Studies in Scientific Parapsychology.



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UAS is an international non-accredited educational institution with nearly half of its students residing outside of the United States including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, China, Philippines, etc.

UAS is non-accredited because:

  • Due to the national view of our courses and program subject matter. (e.g. Programs residing within the USA within scientific parapsychology have been recently rejected national accreditation due to the “controversy” of the subject. For example, Atlantic University’s MA Program in Parapsychology was rejected in 2011 due to the monumental distortion of parapsychology even now in the 21st century).
  • Accreditation is not possible in all countries of which our students reside.
  • Academic freedom, i.e. to avoid limitations on what topics we can teach.
  • We feel being accredited by non-formal accrediting organizations would be misleading to prospective students.
  • Our direction in building prestige for the University is through relationships with relative organizations and prominent individuals in relative fields, which is and will continue to be an ongoing process.

Is UAS a Degree Mill?

No, not all unaccredited schools are degree/diploma mills. UAS provides high-quality and university-level academic work. However, because UAS is not accredited, credits from UAS are non-transferable to other higher education institutions, and our degrees cannot be used for public or licensed employment. Therefore, UAS education is only useful to those with an entrepreneurial spirit, or those who already have an accredited degree and wish to direct their studies or research towards psychical research (e.g. psychologists, physicists, alternative medicine doctors, metaphysicists, massage therapists, sales professionals, professional psychics, etc.).

UAS degree programs are designed to provide the student with an extensive educational foundation in the para-sciences, which typically cannot be found outside of expensive institutions; whether it is the students desire to pursue parapsychological research in addition to research in their current field (which requires some education on the history and current state of the field of parapsychology), or  learn the scientific intricacies of their own innate psychical abilities to improve upon their experiential skills.

The majority of our students already posses accredited college/university degrees, and therefore see their UAS diploma as evidence of the successful graduation from a program offered by an institution with a high quality reputation. Those in the professional “psychic” fields also typically posses an accredited degree, but often mention their UAS degree to colleagues and clients, because high quality education in the para-sciences is recognized by others in or familiar with the field.

UAS is not a Diploma Mill as;

  • UAS is honest in regard to its non-accreditation status. UAS program and course subjects are unable to be accredited in the United States due to the “controversial” status of the subject of parapsychology. (Diploma mills lie about accreditation).
  • UAS study materials are high quality and at the university-level. (Diploma mills typically sell degrees and offer absolutely no study materials, materials not at the university-level, or low quality study materials).
  • UAS only offers second-degrees (you must already have a degree at the same level by and accredited university or college) earned through hard work, dedication, and rigorous examination. (diploma mills do not require any of the aforementioned).
  • Degrees through UAS take a great deal of time to obtain. UAS requires the student to read their respective textbook, and take 9 thorough timed exams requiring a 70% grade or above to graduate . (Diploma mills typically require no time at all to receive a degree. However, there are some legal institutions that can offer a purchasable degree or title legally if they are religious-based only).
  • UAS offers its students chat and blogging options for students to share ideas  or other students to clarify course content, request more information pertaining to references, and ask questions in general pertaining to course or program content. (Diploma mills offer no interaction with other students). We also off context information (Diploma mills often do not offer contact information). UAS faculty and board members are distinguished and well-known experts in the field of parapsychology. (Diploma mills typically have fake or inexperienced faculty members).
  • UAS offers very in-depth information pertaining to what topics are included in all courses and programs and include all references so the student knows exactly what they will learn and where the information is coming from. (Diploma mills typically lack class descriptions).