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University of Alternative Studies – About UAS

:: University Mission

  • To provide high-quality educational opportunities for “individuals with a serious interest in academic parapsychology,” and to “blaze a trail through the academic wilderness.” UAS offers cutting-edge education through established scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. physics and biology), and emerging scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. neuroquantology and quantum cognition).
  • To join the few institutions offering educational opportunities that combine scientific parapsychology with practical application. UAS addresses career expectations prior to enrollment, offers second-degree and professional certification programs designed for those looking to direct their current career towards consciousness studies, parapsychological research, or related therapeutic or educational initiatives.
  • To not focus on financial gain, but rather the gains of awareness, interest, and initiative in the frontier sciences of mind. UAS offers open access courses and programs..
  • To offer cutting-edge and classical bibliographies for suggested direction of studies for frontier science educators and cutting edge textbooks for use by higher education institutions. Bibliographies are listed on every program and course page along with their associated texts or papers.

:: Why the University of Alternative Studies?

Since 2009, students have enrolled at the University of Alternative Studies from all over the world to spend their time acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to help make the world a better and more psychically accepting place. UAS intends on continuing its mission for many, many decades to come. As you consider your options for the future, we encourage you to learn about the University of Alternative Studies and to discover how we can help you to reach your personal and professional goals, and prepare you to change the worldview of parapsychology and paraphysics in the process. Whether you are fascinated by the exploration of the full range of human potential, or you are looking to direct your current career towards consciousness studies, psychical research, or related consulting or educational initiatives, you are likely to find what you’re looking for among the University’s many educational opportunities.

UAS offers affordable up-to-date higher education based on current interdisciplinary research initiatives [e.g. parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, consciousness, etc.] with a focus on Scientific Parapsychology and Paraphysics. As you browse through our study material references, you will see that we offer cutting-edge education through established scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. physics and biology), and emerging scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. neuroquantology and quantum cognition). In addition, unlike most books in regards to psychical studies, which are typically very watered down for the masses and provide little depth for extensive questioning, or professional research journals in which are typically written in a highly technical format, UAS provides a semi-technical approach to psychical studies, which guides our students deeper into the sciences, whereby answering an extensive number of questions, void of overly complex concepts and equations. For an Extensive Example of References Used to Create UAS Degree Programs, Please Click Here

The University is founded on the belief that:

  1. Psychical ability typically presents itself in an elegant and subtle manner in healthy individuals and functions along with other “normal” mental processes. Therefore, psychical ability often remains unnoticeable.
  2. Psychical ability typically presents itself in a spontaneously pronounced and often obtrusive manner in individuals under stress. Therefore, emotional intelligence and psychical education is critical for stable (useful) psychical performance.
  3. That individuals use psychical ability in everyday life to respond to their environment adaptively, in a way that fulfills their needs. Therefore, psychical ability can be utilized to improve quality of life and enhance work performance.

UAS offers specialty alternative parapsychology courses and programs offered nowhere else based on current research for students who desire to narrow in on a specific sub-discipline of parapsychology. UAS does not currently offer programs exclusively in the subjects of metaphysics, parapsychology, or consciousness studies, as there are many excellent programs of these kinds at major universities worldwide. However, high-quality non-accredited parapsychology degree programs may soon be coming to UAS that remain unaccredited in the United States due to the “controversial” nature of the subject, and therefore cannot be offered through accredited educational institutions at this time regardless of their quality.

Initially, it was assumed that UAS would draw only the attention of professional psychic practitioners seeking a scientific education in their claimed abilities. However, UAS mainly attracts psychologists, anthropologists, military personnel, social workers, medical doctors, physicists, engineers, etc. with professional psychics being the minority student. Whether students are experients of psychical phenomena or simply interested in psychical phenomena, UAS students typically hold a bachelors, masters, or doctorate in an established field e.g. medicine, psychology (criminology, sociology, etc.), biology, biochemistry, engineering (computer, electrical, bioengineering, etc.), computer science and/or programming, law, social or bio-behavioral science, education, international and/or corporate business, international relations, corrections/criminal justice, philosophy, literature, journalism, finance, economics, marketing, accounting, etc. In addition, some UAS students have degrees and/or certifications in emerging or less established fields such as alternative medicine, metaphysics, paranormal investigations, etc. In other words, UAS students are from all walks of life with various backgrounds. As of the beginning of 2014, UAS has students residing in over 30 countries world wide.

:: Where is the University of Alternative Studies located?

University of Alternative Studies offers entirely online, internet-based higher education degree programs, certification programs, and introductory courses. Therefore, UAS does not have a physical mailing address or base. However, for those who desire to send information by mail to a faculty member, we ask that you email that faculty member to obtain their mailing address. For those who wish to inquire more about UAS and the programs and courses it offers, we ask that you contact us by email.

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