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:: Contributions & Contributors

Do you want to contribute your published professional works? We are continually looking for cutting-edge research papers to add to our degree program curriculum.

Acceptable Publications:

  • Works cited in a programs respective textbook, to be offered as a resource in our online public library ‘or’ to be added as an additional reading assignment for enrolled students. In addition, cutting-edge research works published in a professional journal, to be integrated as to keep programs up-to-date on research initiatives and findings. Please email submissions to

Recently Submitted/Requested Works

Submitted by:: Field:: Usage:: Works::
James E. Beichler, Ph.D. Paraphysics, Physics UAS Class Assignments and Library
  1. The Journal of Paraphysics (Volume I – Volume IV)
  2. Nearly 70 Additional Publications and Presentations for Reading Assignments.


Approved by:: Field:: Usage:: Works::
European Journal of Parapsychology Parapsychology UAS Reading Assignment M. S. Program
  1. Parapsychology in the 1990’s: Addressing the Challenge. Reading Assignment.


Approved by:: Field:: Usage:: Works::
Dean Radin, Ph.D. Parapsychology UAS Reading Assignment M. S. Program
  1. Electrodermal Presentiments of Future Emotions. Reading Assignment.


Approved by:: Field:: Usage:: Works::
Daryl Bem, Ph.D. Psychology, Parapsychology UAS Reading Assignment M. S. Program
  1. Feeling the Future. Reading Assignment.


Approved by:: Field:: Usage:: Works::
Greg Jenkins, Ph.D. Psychology, Parapsychology UAS Reading Assignment M. S. Program
  1. Personality Testing and Psi Research: Five Modern Psychological Assessments in Review. Reading Assignment.


Non-Acceptable Publications:

  • We cannot integrate whole books into a curriculum, but we can add it as a resource or suggested reading assignment. In addition, we cannot integrate publications that are religiously bias, based on personal stories/experiences, metaphysical-based works with little to no scientific references, publications that are deemed off-topic, or publications that are non- teaching/ instructional/research works. This is because UAS courses and programs are based on concepts and research primarily based in established and emerging scientific fields (e.g. parapsychology, paraphysics, biophysics, psychology, neuroscience, physics, consciousness, etc.).

Do you want to contribute your services to the University of Alternative Studies? We are continually looking for expert professionals in related emerging and established fields (alternative, interdisciplinary) that desire to teach and associations who may desire to affiliate with the University in some manner.

  • In regards to Advisory Board positions, board positions are voluntary and contributing i.e. duties are to occasionally advise UAS in a chosen area (e.g. curriculum content inclusion/additions, quality review,) or provide general support/advice in decisions that may impact UAS growth and quality in the future. Requirements: A doctorate in a specifically relative field, or masters degree in parapsychology or consciousness studies, with a substantial academic career in relation to parapsychology/consciousness or several professional peer-reviewed publications within the scope of parapsychological or consciousness research.
  • In regards to Teaching, we are looking for qualified individuals to design and build open access courses and programs in scientific parapsychology through UAS. It should go without saying that this is a volunteer effort and not an employment or money-making opportunity. Teachers do not have to utilize their own written works (books, textbooks, papers), but will need to supply links to required materials in regard to where those materials can be obtained or purchased. To create a course or program, teachers will need to learn the basics for creating courses and programs with the Moodle e-learning software (entierly online, no downloading required). Courses and programs can include assignments, study groups via chat within the UAS learning platform, and essay email delivery. Teachers of individual courses can choose from providing students with certificates of completion or certifications. Teachers can also choose if they prefer to create and send certificates or if they prefer UAS to do it for them. Teachers of comprehensive programs lasting 6 months to 1 year + can offer non-accredited emerging field diplomas through UAS. In other words, UAS will not allow diplomas for psychology (an established field), but will allow diplomas for consciousness studies (an emerging field). Requirements: A postgraduate or doctoral degree in a relative field (i.e. psychology, neurology, biophysics, etc.), an affiliation with a relative professional organization, and excellent references or peer-reviewed publications.
  • In regards to submitting Quality Reviews, reviews are voluntary and can be provided by professionals within the scope of the content provided by UAS. Program reviews and reviewer CV will be placed on the UAS website and linked on several pages. If you are interested in reviewing a course or program(s), please email us your CV for review along with the course/program title you wish to review, and we will send you the associated content or textbook for that course/program in digital format for quality review.
  • In regards to Organizations and Associations, we are looking for associations desiring to affiliate themselves with the University of Alternative Studies. Associations must be relative to the University to be accepted. Please email us for more information.

To apply, please send the aforementioned required information, or information pertaining to other types contributions to