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The next thing you should know about your experiences is whether they are adaptive or directive. When helpful effects are adaptive, they are effects that:

  • Help you understand or adjust to your situation or the people in your surrounding conditions.
  • Help the universe adjust to meet your needs.
  • Help other people in your surrounding conditions adjust to meet your needs.

adaptAdaptive experiences can take many forms like providing social or emotional comfort such as reducing social nervousness or helping you or other people to feel safe and secure. In any case, you are influencing your situation and the people in your situation because you have emotional ties to your situation.

This means that in order to have a helpful effect on a situation, the situation has to “mean” something to you emotionally; where not meeting your needs will have a negative effect on you that will result in some level of distress.

Adaptive experiences mainly help you when your situation changes and you are not entirely prepared to deal with those changes. However, when helpful effects are directive, they are effects that:

  • Encourage activity that will lead to a “good idea” or “good luck.”
  • Attract helpful people or events often seen as “luck” or “meaningful coincidences.”

directiveDirective experiences are experiences where the universe and you are trying to achieve a goal with each other. Here, the universes “decision” to help you is weighed against the situation and the needs of others within the situation or that may not be in your situation, but changes may affect them in some way.

This means that while the universe appears to have our best interests at heart, so to speak, it thinks and acts objectively. This basically means it doesn’t play favorites.


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