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Psychic Phenomena and Quantum Efficiency


Psi mediation modeling involves modeling in regards to how psi mediates between a target and an individual. 

There have been many types of models constructed throughout the history of parapsychology including theoretical and hypothetical models, which provide a basis for the multitude of theories and hypothesis of paranormal phenomena.

If parapsychological processes exist at the quantum level, why do they not exist at the classical level, or rather why qubits rather than bits?

While utilizing a single bit may appear simpler, Nature somewhere along the way decided to make an extra effort, well, kind of. The answer here may be in regards to the central function of psi, information processing.

While it may be simpler to utilize single bits, there is a significant quantum advantage in search when utilizing two quantum bits (qubits). With qubits, Nature can complete computational search-based processes in one simple step.

Therefore, Nature is designed, and therefore quite possibly human beings are designed, to allow more efficient information processing than if we were to utilize one classical bit in the same number of steps.

Professor Emerita at the University of Alternative Studies. A process-oriented qualitative researcher in the area of psychic experiences. An author of 6 books including university-level textbooks, and various technical papers on psychic experiences. A distinguished expert in Scientific Parapsychology and Clinical Parapsychology.

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