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The Macroscopic Challenge for Quantum Computation


The initial challenge for quantum computation was a constant battle with entropy. As with human beings, the lower the overall entropy of a physical system, the higher the chances that its constituent atoms may become entangled.

Atoms initially utilized for quantum computation typically needed to be at temperatures close to absolute zero [about -459.67°F], but today, materials have been found only requiring temperatures as high as room temperature.

Due to this, physicists are now realizing that quantum effects are far more ever-present in macroscopic systems. This provides physicists with the hope that one day they may discover that Nature has already supplied us with a computer capable of quantum computation, and the only thing left for them to do, is program it.

The direction of this discovery is relatively parallel to the direction of parapsychological research. That is, to seek out the ability to tap Nature in a quantum respect at the macroscopic level as a means to explain the nature of psi and discover how to make the most of psi through practical applications.

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