Psychic “Ability” (Type Blue)

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  1. What Am I? (Type Blue)
  2. Psychic “Ability” (Type Blue)
  3. Psi, ESP, & Clairvoyance (Type Blue)
  4. Dreams, Impressions, & Hallucinations (Type Blue)
  5. Empathic Simulation (Type Blue)


People may begin building psychic skills while in distress, and may keep some of those skills after finding relief from their distress. However, this is not a practical or safe long-term direction for building psychic skills.

So what am I? When people ask what they are in relation to psychic experiences, they usually do so because they think that because they have had psychic experiences they must have a psychic “ability.”

empathic simulation cryokinesis hydrokinesis

However, psychic “ability” refers to a person’s frequent quality of being able to explore, discover, understand, and explain very hard to notice psychic information. It also refers to a person’s quality of being able to build on that unclear or jumbled information to form useful information and complete understandings and explanations of that information.

postit1In order to make these experiences happen more often, a person will need to become more aware of subtle subconscious psychic information by regularly involving themselves in productive and helpful activities more often to retrieve, understand, and explain such information (examples: meditation, journaling, and mind mapping).

Such a wise direction will lead to the safe development of a person’s natural psychic experiences and skills; resulting in psychic “ability.”

However, the need-serving nature of psychic experiences will still require a person to have a need to retrieve the information. Such needs can involve basic daily needs (examples: to interact socially and meet job demands), rather than purely survival-based needs; where not meeting these needs will result in medium to extreme distress (examples: long-term needs and support such as access to clean water, education, and money for rent, food, and clothing).

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