Intention (Type Gray)

INTENTION However, the most common natural expression of clairvoyant simulation is survival through intention and healing through intention. Here, intention refers to a plan, purpose, or desired result. Survival refers to meeting your basic daily needs in...

Changing the Past (Type Gray)

CHANGING THE PAST For now, think of it this way. Say you create a file on your computer. That file exists in the present, but was created in the past. When you created the file there were...

Output – Historical Shifting (Type Gray)

OUTPUT – HISTORICAL SHIFTING Historical shifting. This gets even weirder because quantum mechanics is by its very nature “absurd.” In the case of the baseball, right before you hit the ball, each possible event (#1,2,3,4) all existed...

Psychology of Ghosts 8

  They are people who may now have a very negative outlook on the world, see other people in a negative light, and may suffer from very negative emotions....

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Psychology of Ghosts 6

They are people who may be reliving their death over and over again, & each time, feeling the same fear, pain, and horror they felt right before their death.