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The Need-Serving Quality of Psychic Phenomena


To understand the role of psi, it is best to view psi as an ability, or feature, in which is bound to an individual human being as a function of his or her personality in the broadest sense of that term.

Much effort has be given in regards to speculating on how psi works, which is not the same as the consideration of what psi is for or why human beings possess such an ability. Such questions must be addressed to move forward in an understanding of psi, and this understanding must be applied to move forward in developing a model of psi.

Psi modeling points to characteristics of psi such as psi being need-serving; where psi functions to serve goals such as survival and deep psychological needs. These types of needs are not the focus of conscious attention, but rather involve the linking of psi to the serving of subconscious needs.

While this is sufficient for spontaneous cases, which lead us to more questions pertaining to the elusiveness of psi, slightly different characteristics are apparent, such as decisions making needs and the need for health and well-being.

These types of needs do appear to be the focus of somewhat conscious attention, linking psi to the serving of semi-conscious casual needs, allowing the potential for practical applications.

While the practical application of psi may still prove to be somewhat erratic, psi appears to be somewhat designed to adapt to organizing principles, perhaps as a means to maintain the order of mechanisms of probability.

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