Psychology Of Ghosts | Part 2



But how do you convince them to communicate with you? They are people who are usually either (1) angry, irritated, and feel a need to control their situation by any means necessary or they are (2) nervous, quiet, and feel like their situation is completely out of their control. Each one of these types requires a different way to open up to a clear two-way communication.

If their behavior hints that they are angry, making them angrier may be the only way to get them to communicate or interact.

However, as with intentionally angering living people, intentionally making ghosts angrier raises ethical issues.

So, if you do try this method to open up communication consider this:

If this ghost was the spirit of someone you once LOVED, how would you try to get them to talk to you? How would you get them to vent all their anger, worries, needs, and concerns to you?

Acting thoughtfully and with kindness should help you navigate around possible ethical issues.  After all, what you really want to do is open up a line of intelligent communication with them, not just get them to throw something at you because you made them mad.

Granted, if you consider yourself a “ghost hunter”, this may be one of your goals, but making them mad just to get one or two responses does not create a method you can use for real scientific investigation.

However,  getting to know them and getting them to feel comfortable with communicating with you has the possibility to create an atmosphere where the spirit will be willing to reproduce effects on a regular basis, which actually creates a real method for scientific investigation.

So, focus on helping them work out their anger, not adding to it.

So, with this type, try focusing on getting an emotional response out of them but in a way so that they can focus and direct the power of those emotions to communicate with you at length, rather than just creating a one-time explosive response.

To give you an idea of what NOT to say or do when you are trying to communicate and get to know this type of ghost, I have listed a few examples below:

Avoid Making Angry Ghosts Angier:

  • Be respectful of their feelings. Do not threaten or bully them in any manner. If they feel like you are a threat, they will not want to intelligently communicate with you.
  • Be respectful of their place. Do not vandalize their place such as leaving trash behind or damaging their place in any way. Their place is their sanctuary – their safe space. Whether this is a single room or a whole house, please be respectful.
  • Be respectful of their space. If it is obvious that you are not welcome do not stay and disrespect the ghost. Give them space, for example by moving to another room and letting them come to you. Some places in a home may be more important to them, so find a location where they seem the least aggressive but still responsive.
  • Be respectful of their wishes. If it is obvious that they do not want to share their story or hear about their story from you, do not push them. You can try spending more time with them to build a stronger relationship and trust, but in the end, if they do not want to talk to anyone, they may never be willing to do so.

If you have no luck communicating with these types of spirits, you may want to search for spirits that have the qualities of the second type of ghosts.

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