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Offering FREE Public Education in the Psychic Sciences

Do I need to have psychic experiences to benefit from these courses?

No. The Center was founded on the belief that all people are psychic to some degree. While some people may notice their psychic experiences, some people do not. We’ll teach you how to notice them more and build psychic skills to make them useful.

Which courses are being created right now and soon?

Type Gray courses are being created first. You can find out which ones are next here.

Which will be offered first – courses for a psychic development book, or the books?

The courses will be put up as the psychic development books are being written. However, the books will not be published until they are finished.

Will the courses here at the Center have the same information as the psychic development books?

Yes, but the Center will offer a lot of extras like meditation music, 30-Day Challenges, Certificates for Course Completions, a forum to ask questions, and much, much more.

How many classes will CEHE be offering?

There are an average of 33 classes per course planned, 7 courses per type, and 8 types. That’s an estimate of about 1,848+ FREE classes.

What if my psychic crisis situation is VERY serious, can I just take the “How Do I Stop?” Course?

You can, but if your crisis is not solved by the end of the course, you should head back and take the other two courses. Taking the first course allows you to ask questions in the forum too.

What if my results are all really similar?

The profiling  assessment measures very different personality traits that are very opposite of each other  For example, it measures introversion (i.e. concern with one’s own thoughts and feelings; socializing reduces energy) and extroversion (i.e. concern with what is outside the self; socializing increases energy). One cannot score high on introversion and extroversion at the same time.

We recommend that you take the assessment again in one day, consider your answers very carefully, and try not to exaggerate any of your answers. If your scores are still very similar, focus on which ever type(s) you score the highest percentage, because you will benefit most from learning about those types and enhancing those types.

What if I lean towards more than one type?

Most people lean towards two or more types. We recommend that you take all course for all types your score 75% or higher. However, you should take these courses one by one, not several types at the same time; as this will spread your efforts and you will not benefit as much from our courses.

How can I find out what “psychic type” I am?

By taking the Psychical Profiling Assessment for free online here. The assessment is 80 questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

How and why are memberships free?

Because we put learning before earning, passion before profession. CEHE  is able to offer free memberships because all staff are volunteers and the center makes money in other ways like selling books, professional memberships listings, etc.  This way, the learning center can continue to offer free memberships as long as earnings from other sources are sustaining. CEHE’s goal is to provide high-quality classes and courses to educate the general public about the findings of scientific parapsychology and to help those in distress or with a desire to enhance.

quote I’m offering the courses for free because I want to, there’s a need to, and I can. This information has in part been shared by myself in higher education textbooks that I have written. Now I am recreating that same content for the general public, ages 14 and up. It was also something I needed in my youth that was not available, and it’s been something I have been wanting to do for many, many years. I just needed to pull everything together first, and now the seeds of that labor are finally coming to fruition. CEHE courses are based on my unique Psychical Profiling Model and years of professional expertise in spiritual counseling and psychical research, which makes these courses unlike anything else currently offered online, or off.” – Theresa M. Kelly