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How do I get a certificate for course completion?

To receive a Certificate of Course Completion:

  1. Take all  classes in the course (one-by-one, and in order since each class builds on the next)
  2. Take the course test (linked in the “class directory”)
  3. If you pass the test, click the link provided with your test result to download your certificate.

If you do not download your certificate when you complete a course test, you will have to take the course test again to download your certificate.

I have an online research study involving exceptional experiences, can you tell your members?

CEHE has a section that lists current online research studies here. You can ask to be listed by contacting CEHE here. Please include your Full Name and Organization/Institution, a little bit about the study, and a link to the study (e.g. Survey Monkey Page). There are no fees to list your research study. However, there are requirements for being listed (e.g. we may not accept certain independent research studies).

Do you have a “Professional Directory” I could be listed in?

Only for those who are in the fields of Parapsychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and other areas of mental health therapy that deal with exceptional experiences, local or online: Please contact CEHE here to be listed.

Please include your Full Name and Title(s), a little bit about yourself, and either a Contact Number/Office Address, Email, or Website (or all of the above). Listing fees are only $50 per year and we accept PayPal. These fees are part of the business model that keep CEHE’s membership, and therefore, classes and courses FREE. So not only do you get listed, you also help support high-quality, public, para-science education. Again, this directory is only for mental health professionals who are looking for clients that have, or believe they are having (positive or negative), exceptional experiences. If you only work with one or a couple types of exceptional experiences, please list which ones to list in the directory.

I want to contribute, how can I get involved in the Center and offer courses of my own?

If you are a professional that deals with exceptional experiences and would like to offer courses through the Center, you can contact there Center here. The Center only allows science-based courses, but will accept courses that involve meditation and some spiritual aspects that aide in growth, but are not religiously exclusive.

Contributing is an entirely volunteer activity. This means you will not earn money for creating courses. If you want to create courses to help other people develop purely out of the kindness of your heart, please send us a proposal along with any qualifications you may have. BTW, contributors have the option to link outside paid services if they would like (centered around psychic/personal development or counseling only). You’ll also be listed on the main Center website as a Professional Member; an otherwise $50 per year listing.

What are points for?

We are still working on this portion of the website. In the future points may be used to unlock freebies, challenges, and more. The more points you earn, the more you learn!

Do I have to take one class per day or can I take several?

We recommend taking one class per day because it gives you the opportunity to think about and apply the information being learned. Taking one class per day will provide you with the most benefit. However, you are welcome to take classes at your own desired pace.

Are there any religious or spiritual concepts I have to adopt to benefit from your courses?

No. Our courses are science-based. This way, any one of any faith can benefit from our courses and they can apply their own belief systems as they learn. However, we do teach topics like communication with the dead, but only for those who have these experiences. In these cases, you may need to adopt philosophical ideas like the idea of life after death if you do not already subscribe to that belief.

Do your courses teach energy healing?

Yes. Many different kinds and methods. The Center is founded on the belief that everyone has the potential to heal others, whether it’s healing the mind through ESP, with energy through psychokinesis, or through intention alone.

Do you only teach courses on ESP like telepathy?

No. We also teach courses on psychokinesis, known also as telekinesis by some, and this includes defensive, athletic, exposure, and healing psychokinesis.

Will these courses make me a professional psychic?

Just like not every person who plays basketball in their driveway will make it to the NBA, not all people with psychic experiences will reach the level of expertise to become a professional psychic. It all depends on your experiences and motivations.