PK Light Influence (Type Gray)

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  1. What Am I? (Type Gray)
  2. Psychic “Ability” (Type Gray)
  3. Psi, ESP, & Clairvoyance (Type Gray)
  4. Dreams, Impressions, & Hallucinations (Type Gray)
  5. Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  6. Input – Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  7. Output – Probability Shifting (Type Gray)
  8. Output – Historical Shifting (Type Gray)
  9. Changing the Past (Type Gray)
  10. Intention (Type Gray)
  11. Adaptive or Directive? (Type Gray)
  12. Input & Output Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  13. People, Places, Objects, & Ideas (Type Gray)
  14. Precognition & Probability Shifting (Type Gray)
  15. Real-Time Clairvoyance (Type Gray)
  16. Postcognition & Historical Shifting (Type Gray)
  17. Psychic Episodes (Type Gray)
  18. Different Modes of Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  19. Other Terms for Clairvoyant Simulation (Type Gray)
  20. You Are Not Alone: CS (Type Gray)
  21. Magical Thinking & Psychic Confusion (Type Gray)
  22. The Difference Between Types of ESP (Type Gray)
  23. Having Doubts:CS (Type Gray)
  24. Psychokinesis (Type Gray)
  25. Forms of Psychokinesis (Type Gray)
  26. PK or CS Healer? (Type Gray)
  27. Science Crash Course (Type Gray)
  28. Autokinesis (Type Gray)
  29. PK Thermal Influence (Type Gray)
  30. PK Light Influence (Type Gray)
  31. PK Electrical Influence (Type Gray)
  32. You Are Not Alone: Auto-PK (Type Gray)
  33. Probability Shifting or Autokinesis? (Type Gray)
  34. Having Doubts? (Type Gray)
  35. 1 Last Question (Type Gray)
  36. Ninja jk



Auto-PK experiencers may be able to influence luminous and infrared energy, where luminous energy is light visible to the human eye like white light and colored light, and infrared light is light the is invisible to the human eye.

Here, “visible” light may be seen in the environment, but in the body the light may be in the visible light spectrum, but so weak it may not actually be seen. In this case it’s the ultra-weak bio-light of the person that is being influenced.

However, with invisible light, near-infrared light, it’s not that it’s so weak it cannot be seen, but rather so high in the spectrum that we cannot see it no matter how strong it is.

runnerWhile there continues to be a need for thermal influence even in developed countries, from being out in the cold or heat, to reducing body temperature to improve athletic performance, and deep heat and cold therapies, the need for visible light or increasing the light released from a source like a lamp, is usually just not a need to be had.


Because of this, those who experience effects involving visible or invisible light are usually healing-PK experiencers that may or may not experience visual light effects when stressed out.

With thermal healing, the person being healed will usually report the feeling of heat or coolness. With electrical healing, the person being healed usually reports a tingling feeling or may twitch or jerk during the session.

However, with light healing, the person being healed will not report a tingling feeling to twitch, but may report a feeling of heat if the experiencer is using light in the near-infrared spectrum.

So how can I tell if I’m a light healer rather than a thermal healer?”

redblueWe’ll get a bit more into this later on. This has to do with a number of different things, one being which other psychic types you may lean towards.

To answer this question really briefly here, if you lean more towards type Red or Blue then type Black or Purple (red/blue = thermal), then it’s more likely thermal.


However, if you lean more towards type Black or Purple then type Red or Blue, then it’s more likely light (black = infrared light, purple = colored and white light).

Moving on, the visible light spectrum includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white light. Some red light crosses over a bit into the near-infraRED and can still be seen, if the light is strong enough to be seen.

What this means is that auto-PK experiencers that use light to heal not only can use light to heal, but also color.

lightwaveBut what is light?

Light is basically tiny light packets called photons and these packets travel through space along electromagnetic waves.

Are You a Light Healing Experiencer?

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