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Today, these results are on the increase especially among ages 25-34 and 16-24. One distinguished researcher suggested this may be due to what he calls the:

potterThis hints that the increase in paranormal experience reports may be due to an increase in magical-thinking caused by the wide-spread public popularity of the books and movies. While this may be a good thing for experiencers, because more people are becoming open-minded about psychic experiences, this is also a bad thing from some, because magical-thinking can lead to confusing medical problems with psychic experience.

painFor example, confusing feelings of bursts of energy in the body and sharp electrical feelings, numbness, or tingling as signs of energy healing potential when it might actually be a sign of stress, anxiety, or even nerve damage. PAIN IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN.

dehydratedOr, seeing mysterious lights and see-through swirling portals and thinking that it’s something magical going on when it could actually be a sign of being really dehydrated and a need to drink several glasses of water right away.

Also, simple things like seeing images, faces, or even hearing sounds while falling asleep might be thought to be a scary meeting with an uncontrollable psychic experience or evil spirits when these images and sounds are actually very normal things called hypnogogic hallucinations. These hallucinations happen to many people and have a normal, rather than supernatural, cause.

We’ll get more into this later on, since being able to tell the difference between real clairvoyant experiences and experiences that may seem clairvoyant but are not, is VERY IMPORTANT when building psychic skills.

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