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Next, it’s a good thing to decide if your experiences are no episode, single episode, episodes, or constant episodes. Having no episodes means that you are probably reading this book because you want to know what clairvoyant simulative experiences you could have, but may have not actually experienced any yet. Don’t worry, this is the right book for you, and you won’t be left out later on when we start working on developing your clairvoyant simulative experiences.

episodesHaving a single episode means that you have only had one clairvoyant simulative experience in the past that you know about. Don’t worry, as you read this book you not only may find out how to have more experiences, but you may also find out you already have, you just did know what to look for.

constantHaving episodes means that you have had more than one clairvoyant simulative experience in your life. This could mean you have had 2 experiences or 200.

Having constant episodes means that you have experiences so often that it seems impossible to tell where on experience ends and another begins; making it seem like your experiences are always ON.


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