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Postcognition, or Retrocognition as it was known as first, refers to when you receive information about the past (Input-Past). This is information can be about the past of a person, place, object, or even past ideas on a certain topic. Picking up on information about an object’s past is called Psychometry.

Postcognition can sometimes be confused with communication with the dead. This happens when a person picks up on information ABOUT a dead person, but the information is not actually FROM a dead person, but from the universe or from another living person.

If it’s from another living person, it’s a telepathic experience, not a clairvoyant one. Historical Shifting, as we talked about before, refers to when a helpful effect is needed in the present and the effect happens in the past (Output-Past). Changing the past in this way has often been believed to be something called Psychokinesis.

In this course however, psychokinesis will not be explained as involving the influence of information, but rather the influence of energy and matter only. We’ll get into more of this a little later on. But for now, think of historical shifting as an experiencer in the present reaching back and changing the past.


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