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The next thing you should know about your experiences is whether they are focused on people, places, objects, or ideas. Effects that influence people, or living things in general, usually involve people like your friends, family members, strangers that are in your surrounding conditions, coworkers, pets, other animals, and even insects and plants.

Effects that influence places may involve your home, workplace, or even your car. Effects involving objects may include your bank account or cash on hand, your car again, your computer, maybe those keys you lost this morning, or that locket you found lying in the middle of a parking lot yesterday, and so on.

ideaLastly, effects that influence ideas involve concepts, ideals, states, emotions, or attributes such as the way you think, the things you know, the questions you ask, the way you feel and react to things like anger or fear, and how you feel about thankfulness or sharing.

8280880-unzipped-human-head-with-cogsIdeas help you do a lot of things, but it’s good to know which or if all apply to your experiences. For some, their helpful ideas help them coordinate or arrange their ideas.

For others, their helpful ideas help them construct or build bigger ideas based on what they already know.

And others may find that their helpful ideas help them investigate or explore the logic and correctness of their ideas or the ideas of others.

However, you may find that all of these apply to your experiences.



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