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However, the most common natural expression of clairvoyant simulation is survival through intention and healing through intention.

meditateHere, intention refers to a plan, purpose, or desired result.

Survival refers to meeting your basic daily needs in order to live a healthy productive life.

Healing refers to helping others to meet their basic daily needs in order to live a healthy productive life.

Non-local, or distant, healing is a conscious focused act of thought directed and intended to benefit another person’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being at a distance.

Whether your focused attention is on reducing the symptoms of a medical condition, healing a medical condition entirely, or targeting a large group of people to improve their quality of life; intention healing has profound uses and it’s usually practiced through focused-meditation or a healing method.

We will be taking a look at these types of practices later on in the “How Do I Get There?” course for Type Gray.

While intention has its place in how one creates helpful effects, intention is also at the root of how one controls when, what, how, and how often in regard to these effects.


This means that the helpful effect happened and you consciously identified and chose the needed effect, and that you were open to the effect happening.

However, if a helpful effect happened without you consciously identifying and choosing the needed effect, then your experience was not intentional, but rather spontaneous or unplanned.

In this case, your subconscious mind or the universe itself identified a need and then choose to act on that need. However, if your experience was spontaneous, you will likely continue to experience only spontaneous experiences unless you direct yourself towards ways of focusing your intention.

In focusing your intention, you take more control over when, what, how, and how often. However, in the end, it is the goal that you should be focusing on rather than on how the goal will be reached.

goalIn any case, identifying if your experiences are intentional or spontaneous will be very important to know later on in this book. So:


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