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The Role Information in Nature


Information aides Nature and us in distinguishing one aspect of the system from another. This is important, as without distinguishability, all aspects of the system would appear identical.  The fundamental concept of distinguishability between systems is found in the states of the systems.

These different states are essentially referred to as a “bit of information.” A bit is the most essential measure of information in the classical sense. In QM, the most essential measure of information is the qubit. In the classical sense, when one has more than two outcomes, the system simply uses more bits to distinguish one from the other.

This is commonly understood when viewing computer information in binary code (e.g. 0101000101001101 = QM). Indeterminism is best understood when a coin lands on its side (not heads or tails, but both). In technical terms, this would be termed quantum superposition.

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