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Psi Mediation

Psi mediation modeling involves modeling in regards to how psi mediates between a target and an individual. There have been many types of models constructed throughout the history of parapsychology including theoretical and hypothetical models, which provide a basis for the multitude of theories and hypothesis of paranormal phenomena. [1]

Energy Field Models

A common theory researchers attribute to psi mediation involveds some undiscovered or unrecognized form of physical energy assumed to radiate from the individual as a field effect. The energy was assumed to exist as small energy packets or quanta, so small that they were assumed to not interact with matter, whereby allowing the energy to pass though solid matter without difficulty. Interests in such a “bio-energy” lead to the type of research commonly called psychotronics. The momentum of energy raised arguments targeting the theory, as energy tends to pass through matter unimpeded, therefore how could the energy be rendered inert as to be detected by the brain in cases of receptive psi? The response to this argument was based on the supposition that the energy was not rendered inert, but rather effected via an interaction with neurological processes as the energy passed through the brain, correspondingly to how magnetic fields can induce electrical flow. Unfortunately, even after years of psychotronic research, such a form of energy with these characteristics has not been found to exist. Because the energy field has not been found to exist, it cannot be subjected to empirical testing. Therefore, this “theory” in terms of legitimacy is better categorized as a hypothesis. However, future quantum mechanical models of psi may lead to the discovery of this “bio-energy.” Current candidates include biophotons, which appear capable of quantum information transference. [1]

Computational Living Systems

Computers at a basic level are defined as any object capable of taking instruction, and performing computations based on said instruction. Two valid examples of computers by this definition are living organisms (e.g. human beings) and atomic physical phenomena. Like computers, the human mind is capable of encoding and decoding information in the brain, and parpsychologically speaking, is assumed to be able receive and decode information from the environment, or other individuals, and encode and transmit information to the environment or other individuals. In regards to encoding information quantum mechanically, there are many different systems that could be involved in such processes (e.g. photons). Could it be that a human being is a quantum computer, or perhaps exclusively the human brain? What if quantum computation is so ever-present that it can be found in every living cell of our bodies? There is consistence evidence suggesting that natural processes must be based on quantum principles in order to function in the manner in which they do. In fact, the possibility that quantum computation can be implemented by living systems is a growing area of scientific research. [1]

The Macroscopic Challenge for Quantum Computation

The initial challenge for quantum computation was a constant battle with entropy. As with human beings, the lower the overall entropy of a physical system, the higher the chances that its constituent atoms may become entangled. Atoms initially utilized for quantum computation typically needed to be at temperatures close to absolute zero [about -459.67°F], but today, materials have been found only requiring temperatures as high as room temperature. Due to this, physicists are now realizing that quantum effects are far more ever-present in macroscopic systems. This provides physicists with the hope that one day they may discover that Nature has already supplied us with a computer capable of quantum computation, and the only thing left for them to do, is program it. The direction of this discovery is relatively parallel to the direction of parapsychological research. That is, to seek out the ability to tap Nature in a quantum respect at the macroscopic level as a means to explain the nature of psi and discover how to make the most of psi through practical applications. [1]

Psi Phenomena and Quantum Efficiency

If parapsychological processes exist at the quantum level, why do they not exist at the classical level, or rather why qubits rather than bits? While utilizing a single bit may appear simpler, Nature somewhere along the way decided to make an extra effort, well, kind of. The answer here may be in regards to the central function of psi, information processing. While it may be simpler to utilize single bits, there is a significant quantum advantage in search when utilizing two quantum bits (qubits). With qubits, Nature can complete computational search-based processes in one simple step. Therefore, Nature is designed, and therefore quite possibly human beings are designed, to allow more efficient information processing than if we were to utilize one classical bit in the same number of steps. [1]

Psi and Non-local Communication

Non-local influences exist after particles (such as photons) interact and separate. In addition, when one of the particles post-separation is polarized, the entangled particle instantaneously possesses the same degree of polarization as the other. No energy or signal is sent between them; instead, the alteration to one quantum twin resulted in the alteration of the other due to a non-local transfer of information. Some attempts to explain psi have been focused on this form of non-local communication. However, current understandings of precognition tend to hinder this explanation as most parapsychologists believe that precognition is the result of defying the principle of causality (cause and effect), This is contrast to assuming precognition to be the result of experient access to Nature’s probabilistic computations in real-time. If precognition is assumed a result not in defiance of the principle of causality, then we can begin to apply quantum teleportation as a function of the two main problems of parapsychology, specifically of the mediation and the manifestation of psi. [1]


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Further Reading

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