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Microscopic and Macroscopic Quantum Interaction


A rule exists in QM stating that to know the exact value of a property of a system (e.g. energy, momentum, location, etc.) we have to destroy its quantum nature or “quantumness” in order to obtain the information. Not only our interaction with a quantum system causes this result, but also through the systems interaction with its environment.

Systems are in a continual engagement with the environment, as Nature continually wants to know more about quantum systems (quantum objects) as to measure their properties and log changes to those properties.

Currently, the scientific community cannot prevent the environment from interacting with a quantum object for more than a few seconds except through experiments involving free-space (vacuums) etc. Within this time, physicists are currently able to use quantum indeterminism in applications such as quantum computation and quantum cryptography.

This quantum indeterminism, being in several states at once, is not just confined to the microscopic scale, as it also exists on the macroscopic scale. It is responsible for many macroscopic effects that we can see with our own two eyes.

This macroscopic non-locality has been described as an enforced correlation between separated parts of a quantum system that reside outside of the boundaries of light velocity across space and time as a means to ensure the parts of the system maintain equilibrium.

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