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  • Living With Your Psychic Gifts Group – Do you have unexplained headaches, dizzy spells, sleeping disorders, mood swings? Have you suffered from depression? Do you see flashes of light? Are you anxious in crowded places? Have you had strange visions, or unexplained psychic experiences? Would you like to “Just shut it all off” and “Make it go away”?
  • Psychic Group – Teachers and Students Welcome!! feel free to discuss the various psychic skills used for advice or learning. Psychics may seek out other psychics for help and/or advice. Whether experienced or a novice, I’m sure you’ll find something here to your enjoyment!
  • Psychic Support and Discussion Group – A online community for spiritually gifted people, and for those that are interested in obtaining their own spiritual gifts.
  • Metagifted Group – The purpose of this group is to raise awareness about giftedness of all types, from academic to spiritual.
  • Pathways of the Psychic Soul Group – PoPS offers open discussions, development opportunities, and support on living with and improving psychic abilities.

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  • Daily & Dream Journal Software – I deal for journaling mediumistic events and dreams. Efficient Diary is a completely free while still beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful electronic diary software package. With its unique and powerful flash full-text search technique, you can simply enter a word in the diary to quickly find the corresponding entries. The product has a strong edit function similar to that of MS-Word.
  • Online Tarot Software – offered by
  • Online Tarot Software – offered by
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