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Forms of Wind Measurement


Outdoor winds are caused by differences in pressure. When a difference in pressure exists, the air is accelerated from higher to lower pressure. Because of this, experients of aerokinesis should be encouraged to exercise flow-based exercises, in regards to the outdoors, in the opposing direction of typical wind gust origination.

Appropriate directions are typically based on prevailing winds. Typically, experients of aerokinesis in the United States should face southwest, experients of aerokinesis in the United Kingdom should face east, and experients of aerokinesis in Canada should face northeast. As these directions are only typical, experients of aerokinesis should base their direction on prevailing winds in the specific location.

Wind gusts created close to the ground (semi-localized or localized) are recommended as wind gusts in the higher atmosphere can result in destructive atmospheric effects especially during the warmer seasons. Wind gusts are short bursts of high-speed wind typically from 1 (calm) to 10 (gentle breeze) knots.

For measurement, experients of aerokinesis should obtain an anemometer as a stand alone device or app. An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed and can be divided into two classes: those that measure wind velocity, and those that measure wind pressure.

For outdoor wind-based exercises, an anemometer that measures wind velocity is required. Anemometers range in type, size, and price, but can be very affordable.

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